FlavRcise (Fun Family Fitness)

by Uloma Ozigbu Ogudoro in London, England, United Kingdom

FlavRcise (Fun Family Fitness)


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What does FlavRcise offer: This is an innovative fitness class mixing African dance styles and exercise with all genres of music.

by Uloma Ozigbu Ogudoro in London, England, United Kingdom

Current research shows that inactivity amongst UK children is very high and as a result of this FlavRcise has been developed to tackle this issue. 

Dancing has always been my hobby and passion and it was only right for me to fuse my knowledge, skills and passion to create something amazing that would meet the needs of children and their parents/carers to promote healthy lifestyles. 

What does FlavRcise offer:

This is a innovative fitness class mixing African dance and exercise with all genres of music to promote health exercise and wellbeing. 

What are the benefits? 

The dance routines will help your body to move easily and flow seamlessly. After each session you will feel energised and rejuvenated. 

The health benefits to exercising includes promoting physical fitness and improving general health and wellbeing. This will help reduce the risk of developing major health problems such as stroke, heart problems, Type 2 Diabetes and cancer. It also helps with improving sleep, increases energy and boosts self esteem and mood. As well as as reduce sedentary lifestyles (NHS 2018). 

What can I expect from the class? 

Fun, self confidence, flexibility, strength and coordination. Classes are taught in a friendly and positive environment. Everyone is expected to work at their own pace, plan and achieve individual personal goals with the support of the fitness coach.

Is my level of fitness suitable for this class?

The range of intensity of movements makes the class versatile to all fitness levels. The  diversity in various music genres propels the participants to be engaged and inspired as it caters to all cultures. 

When can I join? 

You can start anytime that suits you and your family. Parents/Carers can join with their children. Classes run every week in different locations around Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark and other surrounding areas. Extra classes are run during the school holiday periods. Teenagers from 13years  over can attend on their own with parental consent. 

Through discussions with parents and from my personal experience, I have identified that interventions provided for families work better when they can access it together. 

Let's make 'FlavRcise (Fun Family Fitness)' happen

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