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An immersive piece of theatre with musical elements, raising awareness of the ways street harassment can affect women today.

by Fizz Margereson in York, England, United Kingdom

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Stafford-Clark, Weinstein, Spacey, Affleck, Sheen, to name only a few, have been accused of sexual harassment  in the news today. sadly, it is not common for men to exploit their power in employment to take advantage of women. it's happening all the time, every day, it's becoming normal. however, harassment doesn't just happen to celebrities, women are harassed every single day, all the time and that is becoming normal. 

we say this needs to change.

flattered collective want to give a voice to the waitress, the teacher, the doctor, the woman walking down the street whose story doesn't break headlines. this is what 'flattered' focuses upon, the everyday women's experiences of street harassment and these matter just as much as those on the big screen. 

flattered' is an original piece of writing using music, sound and physical theatre interspersed with naturalistic scenes. it's immersive, it's different and it's a creative exploration of the issue that is sexual harassment. we want to start this conversation up, empathising how important it is to use our voices to standing against stress harassment. we want this conservation to be had with everyone who one of our performances however, for the performance to happen, we need your help. we are hoping to raise £500 to go towards:

£300 for the venue, mansion nightclub 

£50 towards posters, flying and promotion 

£150 towards further research after the performance dates / funds towards 'hollaback girl' charity*

this is a project that is doing done as a part of a final dissertation project at the University of York with the music department. it is being supervised by members of university staff but we want to use this process to start to engage with people outside the uni bubble, but we really need your support to make this possible. 

anything you can give will be hugely appreciated. as this project is leaning towards the modern woman, we understand that not everyone will be in a position to give financially however, you can play your part by spreading the word ons social media. please share this link or our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/flatteredcollective/ 

if we are to reach our target, or have money we don't need leftover, all proceeds will be going towards 'hollaback girl', a charity working to raise awareness of street harassment on a global scale. to donate and more for information, go to their website, https://www.ihollaback.org/ 

thank you so much! and together we can talk about this. 

- flattered collective 

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