Flash’s medical bill

Project by Laura Marshall
Flash’s medical bill

Flash’s medical bills

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On 29th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £10 with 2 supporters in 42 days

Flash’s medical bills

On Wednesday the 14th March I got a call from the vets at 11:15Pm

A call has never filled me with so much panic or dread. My loving little mog had been hit by a car and left at th side of the road to die. If it wasn’t for an angel of a lady walking past finding him he wouldn’t be with us now.

After a trip to the vets X-rays and ultrasounds it’s turns out that his pelvis is fractured in 4 places this has now been rectified however the care that he will now need to get back on his feet in immense. Along with the cost to get him back in to full working order. 

The surgery, pain medication, antibiotics and 6 days of care at the vets has come to an extraordinary amount. Not for one second would I have made any eather choice.

At the moment he’s not even 1 and his life may have been changed for ever.  

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