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Flaparaps: Nappies for Nappy-Free Babies

Every baby is born ready to use a potty. Flaparaps make baby-led pottying practical in the 21st century - and they look good too!

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The Best Nappy Is A Dry Nappy

Parents ponder, "How can we keep our babies' bottoms drier for longer?"

Disposable Manufacturers answer, "By using more absorbent nappies. Look, these ones last for 12 hours!"

Parents say, "Really? That seems like a long time to be wearing your own wee..."

The best way to keep a baby's bottom clean and comfortable, is to avoid wetting or soiling the nappy in the first place. Or to change it as soon as it's wet.  

And that's exactly what Flaparaps are designed for. 


Flaparaps are unique drop-flap nappies that have been designed for easy potty offers and instant changes, for newborns*, babies and toddlers. Watch the video above to see how they work.

The waterproof wrap holds an absorbent cotton pad in place without using poppers or velcro. It can be flipped open with one hand to expose a baby's bottom and offer the potty. If it's too late for that (oops!) a wet pad can be exchanged for a dry one without the rigmarole of a normal nappy change. 

Babies will sleep, crawl, and toddle through pad changes without any fuss at all.

No screaming. No fighting. No Oscars for amateur dramatics.

 Just clean dry pants on the go.

* That's right, even newborn babies can use a potty. (It's not cruel, and it has nothing to do with 'forcing children to grow up too fast'. Rather it has long evolutionary and cultural history and it's both easy and rewarding once you get the hang of it.)

Humans Evolved Without Nappies

Let's take that as read for the first 10,000 years. But even until the 1970s it was common to help small babies to use potties. 

When your nan said your mum was out of nappies 'by 12 months old', she wasn't kidding.

Back then, nappies were used to contain a mess, rather than to store it, and everyone's attitude to them was quite different.

Compare that to 2016, when disposables store urine for up to 12 hours while attached to a baby's bottom, then for a week or so in the kitchen bin, then for 500 years in landfill. 


Flaparaps aim to contain, not store, bodily waste.

Worldwide, Nappy Free Babies Are The Norm

Chinese, Indian, African and South East Asian babies are all raised without nappies - or with the kind of wet-then-change cloths that are a million miles from our '12 hour urine storage solution'.

South African parents are presented with advice on baby pottying as part of their standard pregnancy information.

In Sweden, the health service recently started advising parents to use a potty from 6 months old.

The Windelfrei (nappy-free) movement in Germany is gaining momentum and diaper-free (elimination communication) is becoming more popular in the States and Canada. They're at it in Australia and New Zealand too.

Born Ready Jenn says, "We  also have a great pottying community right here in the UK! I've been involved myself for 8 years and counting..." 

Parents in these established nappy-free communities are already buying Flaparaps, which is why we've entered for:

The Great Award

In the last 12 months, Flaparaps have sold to 22 countries on 6 continents.


The supply line is as British as we could make it. Fabric and notions are sourced in Britain wherever possible. Flaparap fabric is cut in Portsmouth and stitched in Newcastle. Everything is in place for manufacturing to scale up quickly.

Born Ready is a member of the The Made In Britain Campaign and Flaparaps proudly show the Made In Britain marque.

We've proven that there's a world wide market. Our product reviews are outstanding. With the right advice we could make a global impact.

The Impact Award 

Environmental Impact

In England and Wales alone, 8 MILLION disposable nappies are thrown away EVERY DAY. 

When parents learn to recognise their baby's natural rhythms or signals and introduce a potty early on, they can dramatically reduce the number of soiled nappies in their lives.

This makes cloth nappies more appealing to all those who shuddered at the thought of the washing.

Washing wet nappies is as easy as washing t-shirts. Not a big deal at all. Cloth nappies are cost effective, better for the environment and have much less of a legacy than disposables. (It's estimated that disposables will take 500 years to break down in landfill, and a single child uses between 2,500 and 5,000 of the things!)

And the situation is only going to get worse.

Disposable manufacturers spent millions of dollars trying to penetrate the Chinese and Indian markets. They know they have potential for exponential growth, and they're appealing to a tech savvy westernised population. In the past, these cultures considered nappies to be a sign of 'lazy parenting' but modern parents have different priorities and the advertising is hitting home.

Think how many disposables will go to landfill in China...

Flaparaps offer a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between traditional and modern parenting.

Parents can use the pottying techniques mastered by past generations while protecting their furnishings from mishaps. Plus their babies will look great in their branded British nappies ;)

Bonus Impact: Strengthen Family Bonds Through Responsive Parenting

Born Ready Jenn says: "Pottying is all about responsive parenting, which is great for bonding."

If you're into natural parenting, attachment parenting, gentle parenting, evolutionary parenting, eco parenting, green parenting or any other kind of parenting that views babies as proper little people - this will be right up your street.


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