Flagship Beer - Brewery Expansion

We are Flagship Beer. We're moving from supplying in-house beers for The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool, to bigger kit and more beer.

We did it!

On 21st Nov 2017 we successfully raised £2,375 with 43 supporters in 35 days

We are Flagship Beer

We’ve been brewing for the Ship and Mitre, Liverpool’s premier real ale pub, for almost a year now and your response to the beer has been amazing.  Our cask and bottle-conditioned beers have been popular, rapidly becoming regular choices for our fans. Right now, we brew for the Ship (and a few small beer swaps with national breweries), which is fantastic. We rent most of our brewing kit at a local brewery, and to expand we need your help.

We have £10,000 to begin our expansion for the brewery and we need £20,000 more to fully build out the rest.  We hope this is just the beginning of Flagship Beer.  We have loads of stuff we’d like to do, like getting some fresh, chilled keg beer out to drinkers. And we’ve never been able to get our hands on the kind of hops used in great, modern American style pales and IPAs. Then we’d like to brew some German and Belgian styles, and that will mean investing in more expensive conditioning equipment. And at that point we'll have run out of cold storage space!

Timeline & Goals

 We've already rebranded, redesigning our pump clips and bottle labels for our new logo and designs. And we've developed some new recipes launching at our Wirral Beer Festival in Port Sunlight, October 26-29th. 

What's next?

If we reach this level...... we can do this thing... ...including:When?
£1000Bottling RunsAt this level, we can bottle lots of our core range along with specials, all rebranded as Flagship Beer, and distribute to bottle shops across the country.
This buys us bottling kit we can reuse, labels, printing and marketing
December 2017 in time for Christmas gift packs!
£2500Cask Expansion ProjectWe own just enough casks to fill with beer, deliver to the pub, cellar and serve.
To distribute beyond the pub, we need a good quality stainless-steel cask population.
December 2017 - January 2018
£5000Carbonation, kegging and conditioningWe want to brew German and Belgian styles, which don’t suit low-pressure casks (though we’ve tried!)
This goal covers complex kegging kit, a population of reusable stainless steel 30l kegs.
March 2018
£10,000New fermenters Our three sturdy stainless steel fermenters have been great for traditional styles, but we can’t use them for modern styles.
This goal expands our capacity hugely. This also includes new pumps, hoses, all kinds of gaskets and clamps fittings and a really big box to keep them in!
May 2018
£15,000Cold Storage SpaceOur current storage space is pretty small, with just enough room for a few week’s production and no room at all for storing bottles and kegs.
This will get us long term rental of a cooled storage unit where we can keep all that extra production.
June 2018 before the weather (possibly) picks up.

The Team

Brewer Joe  started fermenting all kinds of stuff 4 years ago, starting with tooth-meltingly bad mead. After a stint as Assistant Brewer at the Baltic Fleet pub, then Lead Brewer at Liverpool Craft, he took some time working with the Ship on their launch. As a huge fan of traditional styles from England, Ireland and Scotland, he's also keen to expand into European styles.  

Designer Andy has worked hand in hand with the Ship for years on branding, product design, logo and our new site. With years of experience, he’s put a modern, urban face to the brand.

Ben & Steve of the Ship pitch in with deliveries, distribution and (their favorite) suggestions for new recipes. They're the brains behind the pub plus the regular Port Sunlight festivals where we've launched new beers that have gone on to become regulars.

The Ship's team (including the amazing Clare in the video) ensure every last drop of the beers are cellared properly - time and temperature is everything for cask beers. We'd be nowhere without their quality control!

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