'Flags' - Participatory artwork by Dolly Kershaw

'Flags' - Participatory artwork by Dolly Kershaw

A participatory artwork about Europe & migration opens in London 3.11.16. Materials will be resold & the £'s donated to The Worldwide Tribe

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Dear friends,

I am a sculpture and installation artist, my work can be viewed at www.dollykershaw.co.uk. I have been invited to create a new installation with Ugly Duck, an arts organisation that revitalises underused spaces in London. I will show a participatory work titled ‘Flags’ at the opening of their new venue Capstan House on November 3rd 2016. The project will sit alongside other installations and performances at the opening night, and will then continue for one month.  

I will install a carpet of the 55 European Flags on the floor inside the venue, created with roughly 500kg of coloured aquarium gravel. We will invite the public to walk across and play with the gravel, and therefore allow the work to gradually transform as the gravel mixes.

The work’s use of the European flags and the loss of control over their gradual merging is made in response to the current migration crisis in Europe, as well as the negotiations regarding immigration after the UK's decision to leave the EU. Left to chance and the intent of the audience, the initially perfect flags become gradually untidy, then chaotic, and eventually galactic - please see photos. 

I am raising funds to purchase the gravel in bulk, which is 95% undamaged and reusable once it has been used and mixed after participation. I will resell it after the exhibition in smaller quantities and donate this money to The Worldwide Tribe, a charity who are doing amazing work for refugees in Calais, as well as those entering Europe on boats in Greece & other locations where necessary. You can read more about their work here.

This is a photoshop mock-up that show how 'Flags' will look:

This is day 1 of 'Coloured gravel', a similar installation that is currently transforming at 'Mass and Momentum' exhibition at the Mirror Gallery, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell:

Here is day 23:

Further information about Ugly Duck:

Ugly Duck revitalises underused spaces. We find empty and underused spaces and open them up for a range of creative uses. Our work began in 2012, bringing a Victorian warehouse in Bermondsey back to life, hosting exhibitions, performance, filming and events there.

In 2016 Ugly Duck is taking over the 8th floor of a repurposed office in East India, turning it into a hub for creative activities. We intend to host photography, rehearsals, performance and exhibitions in this space. Part of our vision includes permanently hosting a cafe and an AV organisation, whose operations would compliment our work in the space.

To celebrate the Launch of their new space, Ugly Duck is hosting a reception and will present the work of contemporary and new media artists.

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