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by Fizzy Sherbet in London, England, United Kingdom

Fizzy Sherbet - New Writing by Womxn


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Fizzy Sherbet, founded in 2017 by Lily McLeish and Tamara von Werthern, presents womxn's writing from across the world with a series of glo...

by Fizzy Sherbet in London, England, United Kingdom

Fizzy Sherbet, founded in 2017 by Lily McLeish and Tamara von Werthern, presents womxn's writing from across the world with a series of globally accessible podcasts. 


Who we are & what we do

Initially set up as a series of play readings, Fizzy Sherbet is now being re-imagined and re-created as a podcast series in an attempt to connect artists globally in this new digital era we face as theatre makers. 

We are excited to present short plays in English on any topic. With our series of play readings we garnered followers from countries including the UK, USA, Ireland, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, Russia, Finland, Bulgaria, Rwanda, Jordan, Luxembourg, France, New Zealand, Hungary, Uganda, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, China, Lebanon, Tunisia, Romania, Netherlands and Denmark.

By re-imaging our concept into a series of globally accessible podcasts and now working with a brilliant team located across different countries, we hope to expand on this reach even further.

Your support will go directly to the womxn writers who contribute their stories, as we believe that it is of vital importance to strengthen these voices and to support womxn writers both financially as well as creating a platform for them to be heard.


The situation in the theatre industry right now

The impact of the coronavirus crisis will, as any previous financial crisis has shown, affect womxn disproportionately, and womxn working in theatre are even more vulnerable to being shut out of the industry. 

Equity and ERA 50:50 who are concerned that gender inequality in theatre will increase in straitened, risk-adverse times created an open letter to draw attention to the deepening of this imbalance. (The Stage, 4 June 2020)

Male directors outnumbered female directors in 21 of 33 venues examined in a study conducted in 2017. (The Stage, Dec 20, 2017)

The RSC featured no productions by female writers between December 2018 and September 2019, while only 25% of the National’s plays were written by womxn from November 2018 - April 2019. There is a persistent 2:1 ratio in the theatre industry as a whole. The most recent study found that the situation had worsened compared with a study in 2012. (Guardian, 27 January 2020)

It is therefore to be expected that the situation will get even worse from the fallout from Coronavirus.

This will be the result of theatres taking less risk in commissioning and showcasing writing by emerging writers, instead investing in what will be perceived as 'safer' options, which will give more predictable box office returns. Given the historical gender imbalance this will mean plays by male playwrights are more likely to be favoured, as they are more likely to have been programmed previously, or the playwrights themselves will have been given more opportunity have for experience and exposure. In addition, data is already suggesting that womxn will be more adversely affected by the economic down turn. It will be more difficult for those not yet established enough to earn their living solely from writing or other creative work in the industry to justify spending time on creative work, which will again affect womxn more than men. 

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Your support

By donating even a small amount, you will strengthen the confidence of womxn writers from across the world and help build a platform for their writing, which will endure and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You help foster artistic connections and create a network of female theatre-makers.

 Thank you for being a part of supporting new writing by womxn.

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