FIZ television audio streaming app

I am raising funds to develop an app for IOS and Android that will let users listen to television audio from tv channels using a single app.

We did it!

On 16th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £410 with 5 supporters in 35 days

For the user

‘FIZ' is the working title for this television audio streaming application. The concept is to provide an audio streaming service that allows listeners to hear and enjoy the audio content from any television channel via a downloadable, dedicated app. 

Imagine being able to listen to the ‘radio’ and hear your favourite tv program like the comedy channel, a news channel, history, sports, children’s or documentary channel, how cool would that be?  So whether you are driving, working, excersising  at the gym, jogging, cooking or just pottering about house you could listen to a vast selection of content instead of the same old radio content being churned out time after time!

Traditionally and with limited choice, radio listeners tune into mainly music content.  In recent years and especially since the development of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) more specialised stations have appeared dealing with specific genres of music, the spoken word, news, religion and so on but this is still very limited and not particularly exciting but think of being able to listen to your favourite quiz, soap or comedy show, it changes everything.  

For the broadcaster

The vast majority of TV channels are dependant on revenue from advertisers for their survival. Broadcasters are limited by the number of commercial breaks that can be programmed into their schedule. In recent years, sponsors for all manner of programs have been introduced as an additional revenue generator.  Having an audio streaming service alongside their TV offering will give them a way of keeping the public engaged with their channel even when they are away from the TV and provide an additional advertising revenue stream that did not exist before. This can be configured in many different ways to suit their advertising needs.  In the UK alone, the annual revenue from TV advertising stands at £5 billion whereas radio advertising brings in over £20 billion. 

It may be possible to use the streaming service as a method to attract additional advertisers and sponsors offering them the ability to reach larger audiences as they will have a greater market penetration with the additional audio streaming service.  It will be possible to offer a different cross section of advertisers and sponsors for audio streaming based on demographic and geographic targeting. How this is structured would be down to the broadcaster’s requirements, here I have merely provided a possible scenario.

‘FIZ' will revolutionise the way we think about television and radio. This business model is a paradigm shift in the way the public currently use these entertainment mediums and represents the biggest development in radio entertainment that has come about since its creation. 

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