To develop the #FixitApp and website, an intermediary platform between Harrow residents and Harrow Council.

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How #Fixit Began

Founded in 2016, the #Fixit Harrow Network is a social media forum I created on Facebook to raise awareness of, and suggests improvements towards environmental, economic, and social issues present in Harrow. Please follow the link below to see the site.


The #Fixit App

With over 2000 members actively participating in the group, the high levels of engagement prompted me to develop the #Fixit App, an intermediary platform between Harrow Residents and Harrow Council. 

Via the app, residents can report environmental, economic, and social problems directly to the Council, via the #Report button which has links to HC web forms, or to myself via the #Issue button. 

There are also links on the app to #Fixits social media forums, a button where users can leave feedback about their reports, and a link to the users Harrow Council Homepage Login. #Fixit aims to encourage engagement with the Councils services through a social forum of which residents and the Council are affiliated. 

Easy to Access

Created by E-Apps Solutions, the #FixitApp is available on social media and as a Mobile Web App, making it accessible to all residents. Please see the App link below.



We are currently developing a website for #Fixit too, whereby users can learn more about our campaign, and get involved with what we do!

Our Aim

Our united aim is to work together as a community to make Harrow  a happier, safer, and cleaner place to work and live.

Any help in funding the project would be very much appreciated. Together, we can make a change.