Fixing Boundary Road

by susan123 in Grayshott, England, United Kingdom

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Fixing Boundary Road to get to the doctors in Grayshott Surgery No-one else will.

by susan123 in Grayshott, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you for your fantastic support!  

We've reached our 'all or nothing' £5000 crowdfunding target. But we can't stop there! We need a further £11,000 to meet the £80,000 cost of laying a road surface that will last 40 years. Please keep encouraging local people and businesses to  donate through this site or directly to Boundary Road Residents' Association.

Thank you!

This is about Boundary Road. It’s in Hampshire and is the one and only way that you can get to Grayshott Surgery -  which is in Surrey. The road’s western edge is in Hampshire, its east in Surrey. It’s a boundary road and it's cracking up.

Ambulances, doctors, nurses, deliveries and the Surgery’s 12,500 patients must pick their way over craters up to five feet across and a foot deep. The road is unfit for a 4x4, let alone a wheelchair, push-chair or walking frame. There’s no pavement or lighting. When it rains it’s a mini-tsunami. When it freezes it’s an ice-rink

Every day, to see a doctor, patients risk their lives. Soon the road will claim its first victim. 

Well, we won’t put up with it. We’ll do what our harried and under-resourced council representatives cannot do. The right thing.

But we need your help. Fixing it will cost £80,000. So far we’ve raised ‘£60,000. Please help! If we raise this money the road will be fixed before the winter sets in. Whatever you can give will make a difference. Your generosity will be recorded in a plaque in the doctors’ waiting room - a testament to the power of the world wide web and people’s caring. 



by Julia Tarento, Chairman Boundary Road Residents' Association 

Boundary Road is an unadopted bridleway and it is in Hampshire, although the properties on the eastern side are all in Surrey.

The maintenance of a bridleway is usually the responsibility of the residents, of which there are just 14 houses and 10 flats, and if we (the residents) were the only ones who used it we could manage the maintenance very easily amongst ourselves.

However, the volume of vehicular traffic is way above anything that a bridleway can cope with (or the residents can pay for) and the damage has historically been caused by some 5,000 journeys a WEEK to and from a school and a large Doctors’ Practice along our unadopted bridleway. Both these establishments are in Surrey.

It is dangerous and quite absurd that this standard of roadway is the only access to our Health Centre, which has over 12,500 patients registered from both Surrey and Hampshire.

It will cost around £80,000 to replace the stretch of bridleway from Headley Road up to the doctors’ surgery to a standard that will last 40 years.

We cannot cope with the cost on our own. We need your help.

So far we have raised £60,000 through donations from Boundary Road residents, the doctors’ practice, East Hampshire District Council, Hampshire County Council, Grayshott Parish Council and Haslemere Town Council.

However, despite the fact that the Doctors’ Surgery is in Surrey and the only reason we are having to carry out this work is so patients can reach the Surgery safely, Surrey Councils have refused our requests for help on three separate occasions.


We are therefore asking you, and especially the patients of the surgery, if you can help us raise the final chunk of money needed to create an access road to the Surgery that will last for decades.

As you can see from the video the bridleway is in urgent need of repair and whatever you can give, whether it is £5, £50 or £500, will go to improve the roadway for the benefit of all. Please donate as much as you can and show what can be achieved when we all work together.

Thank you!

Julia Tarento

Boundary Road Residents' Association


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