Support a Revolution in Fitness and Wellbeing

by Lyn Clement in Penwortham, England, United Kingdom

Support a Revolution in Fitness and Wellbeing
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To raise £15,000 to find a venue and kit it out which wll enable us to assist more adults and young adullts with thier fitness and wellbeing

by Lyn Clement in Penwortham, England, United Kingdom

We currently work with Ladies and Gents aged 25-55 supporting them via fitness classes, social media support, webiste site blogs and advice and invited specialists to talk to our community on such subejcts as mental health, diet, nutrition, cancer, menopause etc  We also every 6 weeks offer 2 spaces on our 6 weeks transformation programme to local charties that can nominate 2 people they support, that they believe will benefit from what we offer.

We have, in 6 weeks built up over 200 social media members and 65 members of our fitness groups. We currently work with our members in Community halls but we are now reaching the point that to offer more people our services we need our own fixed premises where then we can run more sessions and hold our wellness clinics. 

We have built mutliple revenue streams being, monthly membership, 6 week transformation programmes, PAYG option. Branded Kit and Accessories and tickets to events in relation to Wellness.

We now need a premises and kit it out as we want to expand our community both within the age group we currently work and extend to supporting over 55's and 13-16 year old young adults. We require a premises that is 1870 sq ft and also be able to kit this out, we believe this will approxiamtely cost just £15,000 for the whole project. This also includes a budget for social media marketing and the build of a specific app, website and booking system for our members rather than a templated one we currently use.

Our Website is: 

The main body of the website is within the members area which you have to be a member of to access

Our social media links are

We ultimately believe this is a model that can be easily franchised  throught the UK to enable all UK Members to be able to use any Team Revolution facilty throught the UK when travelling and build up a national social community where all members support each other. 

Testimonials - Please read some of our testimonials from our clients 

"Never would I have thought getting fit could be so much fun.
There are no selfie taking youngsters, just a group of like minded 'over 30yr old' women of every shape, size & ability.
It's hard work but the exercises are tailored to your ability, with support throughout each session helping YOU achieve what YOU'RE capable of.
I sweat a lot, I laugh a lot but most importantly I feel fantastic before, during & after every class.
I feel fitter & stronger than I have in years and have made some fantastic friends along the way so thank you TeamRevolution" 

"At 53 my motivation for joining Team Revolution was for improving my stamina and strength along with losing a few pounds. Over the years I have flirted with numerous gyms and classes but here I am hooked.
The classes are challenging and varied but overall great fun.
I'm privileged to have met Howard and Lyn and so many other great ladies that I love spending time with.
If you're reading this I assume you're looking for something new, with no poseurs and a bit different. Look no further you've found it!!"

"Following surgery I hadn't exercised for years. I considered a team sport but thats as far a I got. I'm 53 and have done alot of considering!
I was reccomend teamrevolution by a friend who was loving it. I booked on a free session, then a few pay as you go. I have now joined the 6 week challenge and exercising 3 times a week ! I cant believe i am LOVING IT .  Very reasonably priced.
This is group is so different to anything else that i've tried, it is great fun, with friends. Its tough but we have a laugh, its a great support network, not only for exercise but has the holisic approach to good health and wellbeing. Howard and Lyn are genuinely good people who really care. I feel so privileged to be part of the tribe.
Highly recommended"

"No one likes feeling judged, especially women I think of a certain age, no matter what shape or size. We are all on some type of journey and all evolving. Here, no one judges, we are all on the family journey and everyone is there for each other and having fun along the way; albeit a sweaty one" 

"I’ve never been a fan of ‘posey’ gyms, where 20 year olds never break a sweat for fear of ruining their make up Team Revolution is NOTHING like this! Real women changing their lives, getting fitter and stronger, having a laugh and supporting each other"


If we can locate and kit out our own premises we can increase our membership and assist more people including expanding our services to 13-16 year olds and over 55s. We are really making a difference to the community we currently support in ALL aspects of thier wellbeing this is a fantastic opportunity for investors to support.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

Return on Investment if we reach our target amount

We dont just want to take money and not give anything back, all investments over £500 would be publicised and also investors would recieve a return on investment of 25% plus thier original investment back.

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