Fix the roof fund at Legends and Indoor Revolution

Our roof at Legends and Indoor Revolution needs to be fixed urgently. Council are unwilling to pay upfront costs so it's now down to us.

We did it!

On 2nd Dec 2016 we successfully raised £970 with 27 supporters in 14 days

Our roof is in need of urgent repair. The building is council owned and the corporate management department has  informed us that they are unwilling to pay for the repair of the roof or at least any upfront cost. 

We have two businesses that have grown from strength to stength within the building. We have put our heart and soul over the last 2 years into these businesses including a huge personal investment of over 100K. Without the roof being repaired, even partially, we can not continue as the local council will end the tenacy. 

To partially fix the roof we need to raise £8225. This will repair the front 7 metres of the affected area, around 200sq metres, with an aluminium cladding and insulation to meet regulations.

We know this is our battle but we are out of personal funds. Everything ever earned has gone back into both of these businesses - we have not taken a penny. Whatever we can raise will really help and give us the chance we need to build a business that can last for many years.

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