Fix Carolyn's Tooth!

Fix Carolyn's Tooth!

Let's pull together, fix Carolyn's tooth, end her misery and help her carry on living her dreams with Ben!

We did it!

On 11th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £750 with 40 supporters in 21 days

Hi guys.... So remember when we all had that amazing and emotional send off for Ben and Carolyn? We wished them all the luck in the world, to live their dreams and come back content, travelled and with lots of stories to tell!

Well the only story Carolyn is living right now is the hell of horrific toothache. She urgently needs a root canal and can't afford it.

I know that pain, it's worse than child birth as they say and if you cannot see when that pain is going to end... well it's pure hell. It makes you desperate and depressed.

I know we're all broke... but how incredible would it be if we all pulled together and fixed her tooth so that she could carry on making the stories she'll tell for years to come and will remember for the rest of her life?


Let'sĀ all chuck in whatever we can afford and get her the treatment she needs! I'd hate to be living that pain right now and know I'd desperately want it to end and for help to come from somewhere! Would you? Will you?

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