Fitness & Mindfulness App

Fitness & Mindfulness App

The aim is to make fitness easily accessible to busy individuals and help to destroy the mental barriers that stop people from exercising.

We did it!

On 17th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £150 with 6 supporters in 28 days

I want to fill a gap in the market combining fitness programmes to mindfulness in one holistic app. I believe that integrating regular meditation, goal settings and encouraging people to focus on what make them feel happy, combined with regular exercise, will help to fight the rising number of anxiety and depression cases. 

Everyone knows how physical exercise is important not only for long-term health but also for your mental well-being.
I want to make exercise easily accessible to people that refrain from training because they don't know where/how to start or for the very busy individuals that lack time. In-ear instructions will be available as well as visual guidance. A built-in calendar with reminders will help to keep up a routine. 
Key Features will include: 
Easy to use, clean user interface
Focus on mindfulness and its effects
A community of link-minded users.
The App users will be able to log into their unique profile, record and share their progress and discover a more positive/productive/healthy approach to their day-to-day lifestyle through the practising of the programs.
The content will be continuously updated with new exercises and mindfulness techniques insuring you never plateau and continue to grow.

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