Fitness Directory / Social Network Project

Fitness Directory / Social Network Project

I always think to myslef " is this as good as it gets?". We need funding for a sports and fitness social networking site.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I always think to myself " is this as good as it gets?".

I thought this whilst sipping my pint in a local pub with a bunch of friends.  Couldn't we be doing anything different? Is there anything going on around here that we could be doing apart from drinking beer?.....This along with a few other scenarios what my light bulb

I created along with a small team  A social network sports and fitness directory. makes it possible to connect people with health and fitness like never before. The site not only allows you to access sports and fitness activities that are being practiced in the area but also helps  you to review the timetables through which you can attend any class, any where, any time you like.

How the site works?

On first sight to the website you are presented with

1.Search classes near you.

2. Register as a User.

3. Register as a Trainer.

For none registered users looking out for health and fitness interaction who just want to peek in and take a brisk pursuit of what is occurring around them, simply need to enter the postcode of their dwelling area and pick up a search radius. The website then provides a cumulative list of all the classes that are being conducted in the area in which you can participate.  

Registering yourself as a user will allow you to have full access to the website. You can add friends, upload videos and upload pictures, and even talk to friends and most of all you have the ability to access to your own calendar. Register yourself at and get full access to every health and fitness classes around your locale. You just have to click the join button. It’s been the first time that the registered users are able to track down any class and can attend any on-going class. The users are also able to get info about the class holders, which we refer to as the “trainers”. Info about the class and the purpose of the class is mostly accessible.

Our website allows the users to attend the class virtually and know about it before they can even attend it.

Registering at our website as a trainer will allow your time to execute their talent and show what they are capable of. The website builds a platform for such teams and trainers, which can help them to show their skills to the world and their abilities to achieve the greatest just by registering with The trainers have the right to upload as much info about them as they can, to persuade the users. They can also upload their class schedule so that the registered users are able to see when they can attend the class with ease.

Who is The Fit Locker for ?

You!…..Everyone who would love to attend fitness classes when you decide. It will change the way we think and act towards health and fitness forever by simplifying all the information you need.

Why we need the £3000?

We need to pay for further development

-develop inner pages further


-Iphone Application

We feel that will be enough to get the site up and running with a iphone and android application also. has been an addiction for me to get the site fully functioning…it pops into my head on at least 4/5 scenario’s a day where is would be useful….e.g. kids football, people with learning difficulties, elderly, gym freaks whatever that means everyone.

We have created a bridge between the people and any amount we receive will be an achievement.