Fitformation Studio

Fitformation Studio

Mission: To Transform lives and eradicate the poor lifestyle & poor expectations of well-being that modern life has taught us to accept.

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

I'm Matt, and before I tell you about my project, I'd like to tell you a bit about me. I'm 22. I'm a dad to Fred, who's 4 (and although not of my biological making, still every bit my boy), owner of Bruno & Bell, (a 40kg Old Tyme Bully & a 2kg Chug) and Branch & Ronnie (a 5ft ball python & a 6ft raonbow boa). I'm on a mission to help people of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, handicaps and privilages change their lives for the better. Finally, I'm well. Not just not-ill, but really, really well... and i'm happy. These might sound odd things to include in a biog, but they're things I never thought I would be. 

So, why am I so desperate to help people transform their lives? Because through training, nutrition, meditation and talk therapy I have transformed my own, and now I want to give that back. 3 years ago I was a depressed, anxious, repressed young man struggling to find direction, ambition or energy to thrive. I was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and had all but written off any hope of a succesful future. Then, a chance meeting (with my now partner) made me realise I could be something different. I took to training daily, eating clean, being mindful in my actions, learned to express my emotions and transformed my life to one that is thriving. 

Over those 3 years I have surrounded myself with the best mentors, industry professionals and inspirational people, and have qualified in Personal Training, Strength Coaching, Adolescent Development and other associated credentials in my field.

So, why am I appealing to the crowd? My brand is in a period of rapid growth. In a few short months since launching Fitformation the team have delivered dramatic changes to our clients, and word and reputation are spreading fast. The rented gym floor where we have been based until now is no longer the place to continue helping people change their lives. I need space for the business and clients to thrive. I believe that focus and intention lead to success, and just when my business needs it the space to take things to the next level has become available. Opportunity like this doesn't present often, but a 3000 ft2, ideally situated, perfectly proportioned site has been offered to me through a client working with my rehab specialist. The problem? Enough start up capital to properly equipt and develop the site so the standard matches the service delivery without over stretching cash flow in a young venture.

To date our programmes have helped clients overcome:

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Low self esteem

- Obesity

- High blood pressure

- Low mobility

- Abusive replationships

- Career stagnation

- Fear of success

.... and that list is far from exhaustive.

Your pledges will be invested in establishing a centre for excellence, with the equipment and fascilities necessary to create a haven for change and development for our clients. This will include a therapy suite, group PT studio, class and meeting space, changing fascilities and lounge. It will also allow us to launch our scholarship programme so we can offer our programmes to individuals in great need of help who would otherwise be unable to afford our services. This would be known as the Crowd Funder Scolarship Programme and would allow us in the first 5 years of trading to take on a person each year who's life we could completely transform thanks to your support.

We will also be holding a grand opening party once the fascility is complete, and would invite all of our pledgers to come and see what their faith and investment has created.

This is your opportunity to express your belief that people have the capacity to make great changes. That we can all reach our ultimate potential with the right guidence, and give your committment to helping me and my team chip away at the poor health, poor lifestyle and poor expectations of well-being that modern life has lead us to accept and even expect. You can be a part of the Transformation Revolution, and as a thank you we will give you the tools to start making your own transformation from wherever you may be.

Fitformation is a new approach to body & life transformation, through fitness, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle management and the attainment of optimal well-being.

My Fitformation team has years between them of flogging the tradition style of session by session PT and have drawn one very final conclusion. It doesn’t work! People who are serious about wanting to make changes need more, and they've gotten sick of being stuck in the rut of not being able to offer it.

So, Fitformation is born. It’s a new way of approaching things. Clients are taken on based on goals not sessions. We work in 8, 12, 16, 20 and 26 week blocks based on what the client wants to achieve. We’ve done away with the 1:1 model. Every bit of research into motivation and accountability done in the last 5 years has shown that humans are pack animals. We perform better in groups. Left only to ourselves we lose motivation and limit the amount of effort we apply. Given a team, or even a friendly adversary (if you have a natural competitive edge) then we thrive and deliver. Our clients work together to drive each other and themselves to reach the ultimate, transformed version of themselves. This model really works. We’ve seen it!

This is not just an aesthetic driven approach. We are a team of nutiritonists, fitness experts, behaviour change therapists and rehab specialists. We work intensively and cohesively to ensure that body, mind and spirit are transformed and honed during our clients journey, and that the new improved version that leaves our programmes is total and complete.

The Fitformation model demands the client commit 100% to the programme and the plan for the duration agreed between them and us. That includes training, nutrition and life coaching. It’s intense, it takes grit and determination, but it will definitely work.

The level of support, encouragement, knowledge, expertise and motivation my team can offer is second to none. We only work with clients who are ready to give it 100% and who are driven to get to the body and well-being of their dreams. Every element, from the outset is designed and monitored to make sure they get the absolute best out of themselves, and their experience with us. 

Our programmes include:

  • 3 x 1 hour training sessions per week delivered by our expert training team
  • A 60-90 minute nutrition and lifestyle coaching session with our specialist coach each week of the programme, including meal planning, diet assessment, nutrition education, cooking lessons (where needed) etc 
  • Behaviour change therapy sessions to ensure old bad habits and limiting mindsets are corrected
  • Full training and daily activity programming for the duration of the programme
  • Weekly progress checks and measurement recording
  • Reading materials to support the programme and keep you motivated
  • 24/7 access to the team for when motivation flags, negativity creeps in, you get the wobbles or you just need a chat
  • Surprise goodies
  • If previous injuries become obstacles to training then secondary referral to our pilates expert for functional movement improvement might be made

We know that Fitformation can deliver incredible changes. We are the best, and we only work with the clients who demand the best of themselves and of life.


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