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FitCount is an app that is meant to get people active, by allowing them to collect virtual fitness coins that can be used to get discounts.

by Deborah Evangelista in London, England, United Kingdom

My Mission

As the founder of FitCount, my main mission is to provide a fun, engaging and motivating way for people from all over the world to get more active. I plan to do this by developing an application, which allows people to lose weight, become healthier and collect coins that could be used for purchases of various kinds. 

I have seen first hand what leading an unhealthy lifestyle and being obese does to a person and their loved ones and because of this I want to do everything I can to help those people start living the best version of their lives. The idea of not being able to enjoy every day activities such as playing with your children, going for a bike ride or simply taking a walk in the park does not sit well with me at all and if there is a way to change that I am going to do whatever it takes to get there.

The Problem

Earlier this year it was reported that obesity-related admissions to the hospital here in the UK had risen by 15%, which is equivalent to 100 000 more people being admitted this year than in 2017/18. It's clear from these numbers that urgent action needs to be taken and having worked in healthcare myself for many years I am first witness to what kind of strain this issue is putting on the NHS, patients and their families. An issue that is 100% preventable if people like me and all of you out there put our heads together and figure out a way to resolve it. 


According to a study carried out by the University College of London and Loughborough University where researchers compared the height, weight and BMI of children born in 1946, 1958, 1970 and 2001 there is a strong link between child obesity and low socio-economic status, something that the researchers blame on the fact that kids who grow up in deprived areas do not have access to open spaces, outdoor exercise and parents with little money and little time who will buy low-quality and unhealthy food (, 2018).

Another study that was published in 2017 also showed links between men and women from disadvantaged backgrounds, a higher-than-normal BMI and a higher risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes (, 2018). This along with the fact that obesity costs the NHS £27 billion per year are two reasons why I think that FitCount not only has the ability to confront this serious issue but also give people a reason to start leading a more active lifestyle. 

Who I Am 

My name is Debbie and as a mature IT student and healthcare worker who is very passionate about tech, I've been trying to develop something that will help tackle the many issues that exist in society today due to unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. 

I used to be quite over-weight as an adolescent and even though I am stuck with the memories of not having the confidence to wear nice clothes, go to the beach or even just socialise with my loved ones they are also the reason why I have spent most of my adult life dedicating myself to coming up with an innovative idea that will help people get out of that discouraging place and find the confidence to  simply live life to the absolute fullest!

The Solution

FitCount is an application that allows people to partake in work-outs which wins them bronze, silver and gold coins depending on their fitness level, coins that can be used to get a discounted cinema ticket, coffee or a loaf of bread for example. It's an application that works with maps and allows users to collect a few coins doing every day activities such as going to the shop or walking to work. 

It's an idea that I believe would revolutionise the way people think about fitness as well as relieve some of the strain that currently exists on the NHS due to obesity-related health issues. With some funding I would be able to finally collaborate with IT consultants and software developers who could help me develop my idea and get people healthier and happier. 

The Application

With FitCount, users will be able to check in at various locations, enter start and final destination and collect coins that might encourage them to walk instead of taking public transport. Collecting a coin whilst riding a vehicle is not possible as the application will have a top speed limit which prevents you from collecting a coin if you get to it too fast. 

Example 1 of a FitCount notification: You've checked in at Sainsbury's, try and reach the next coin within 2-4 minutes to collect a bronze/silver/gold coin. User will also be able to enter where they're going, which allows the application to display a route that provides more coins.

The application will also have secret treasures hidden around London, which might be filled with coins or a gift of some sort and are meant to encourage users to take on a more pedestrian lifestyle as well as promote the application. 

The notifications below can be enabled to pop up if location-tracking has been allowed. Audio stats will be available as well as a countdown, meaning that if a user is unable to reach the first coin within the given time it will turn into a silver coin, which is worth less.

Example 2 of notification: Taking this route to your final destination has the potential of earning you 10 coins. 

Bronze coin = Beginner level (walk)

Silver coin = Intermediate (slow jog)

Gold = Advanced (sprint)

Thanks for reading my story and if you could be so kind and donate a bit of money towards this cause I would very much appreciate it.


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