Fishing for Veterans

Fishing for Veterans

The purchase of a fishing boat for veterans and serving personnel to use free of charge for fishing trips, pleasure tours and sight seeing.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


The aim of this project is to purchase a fishing/pleasure boat; this boat will be used for veterans, currently serving personnel and their families for a variety of activities, including but not limited to sea fishing, pleasure cruses, sightseeing, education and relaxation.  Been a veteran myself and currently working alongside other veterans it would be amazing to have a facility like this without having the huge fiancial outlay.  It would give families and friends the opportunity to spend some quality bonding time together after months of been separated.  The US military have a similar scheme to this called fishing with vets but nothing like this currently exists for UK troops so this will be a first for UK veterans and serving personnel.


Most charities and initiatives of this nature are aimed towards veterans who are physically injured, not to take anything away from those charities at all, they are very much needed and do a fantastic job, but, not all injuries are physical.  Many injuries are both emotional and physiological such as PTSD, PDSD and severe anxiety.  Although much work is been done to try and highlight and treat these injuries many still suffer in silence due to the stigma attached (especially in military environments) to admitting they have these issues.  No matter what, the fact is many will carry on pretending like they are fine to all those around them. We are hoping this project can offer some relief for these people and give them somewhere to get away from the crowds, towns and cities and just relax and enjoy themselves in good company.



This facility could also be used to strengthen the team bonds that are essential for such a closely knitted community and help new friendships form that provide mutual support when times are tough.  Education of young people would also be a very good use of this facility and not just teaching them to fish but educating them on all aspects of the ocean and the environmental issues of the present and future.   



The target we're asking for here will go solely towards the purchase of the boat, the on-going costs of general maintenance, mooring, insurances etc. we will fund out of our own pockets.  If we could afford to do it all we would but the initial outlay for the boat is just too much for us alone.  We are hopeful this will work as it would be an amazing facility that we would love to see happen one day.  When this does eventually happen, once it’s up and running, anyone who donates is more than welcome to come along with us fishing, sightseeing or just relaxing on the sea.

In the short term we are just hoping to get the funding, boat and equipment together to get this project up and running.  Depending on how that goes, if all goes well, we are hoping to turn this into a fully-fledged registered charity.  Of course before that can happen the project has to be viable and for that we need your support, funds, a boat and equipment. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and whether you donate or not good luck in all your future endeavours.