Fishing For Mental Health & disability

by Tackling Minds in Littleborough, England, United Kingdom

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We aim to get people who are struggling with Mental Health issues and people with disabilities into fishing.

by Tackling Minds in Littleborough, England, United Kingdom

Tackling Minds was formed in February 2020. Two best friends,  David and Simon, were inspired to start the organisation, as they themselves had suffered from past mental health problems. Fishing played a vital role in them managing  their illnesses. They both claim that if it wasn’t for fishing, they don’t think they’d be here to tell their story. They now want to pass on their knowledge, gained from their own experiences, to show other people who are suffering with similar issues, how fishing can benefit them too. And so, sitting on the bank with the rods in their hands, Tackling Minds was born. 

Evidence based research shows that  fishing has been proven to benefit people suffering from mental health. By getting people more engaged with one another, getting people more active, in the green open spaces, fishing can benefit people in more ways than one.


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder subset, in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year exhibit depressive symptoms at the same time each year, most commonly in winter. Common symptoms include sleeping too much, having little to no energy and overeating. There is a vast amount of different types of Angling available to be counterproductive to such disorders. For example; Predator Fishing. This type of angling is an excellent source of exercise, especially in Winter. This type of angling involves actively seeking out the fish in numerous locations on the water being fished, repeatedly casting and retrieving the bait to lure the predator, which is a surprising form of exercise to the upper body.

In the past our town was a whole community. You would live alongside your Cousins, Uncles, Brothers and friends; you would work with people from three doors down, play for your local sports team, you’d go to watch the Football on a Saturday, and round to your families houses after church for a Sunday dinner.

People thrive on doing stuff together. We’re not always great at chatting for chattings sake, but give us a fishing rod and a scenic setting and there’s companionship that is otherwise lost in today’s society. And when things go wrong in our lives, then there’s someone there to talk about it.

Tackling Minds’ aim is to help get back our community identity and sense of purpose. It is to recreate the relationships that used to exist in our society, that somehow drifted away. We do that through bringing people together, through creating and organising fishing activities that anyone can get involved with, man or woman.

We are completely run by unpaid Volunteers as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

All of the donations and bequests we receive, help those who are tackling mental health. Any money that comes in, goes straight back out again, helping to support and run our fishing activities.

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