Fisher Fix Chill Out! Dog Training DVD Project

Creation of a dog training DVD/ online course that explains why dogs behave badly and what to do about it.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This information is designed for dog owners with..

  • 'Naughty' (there's a reason for those inverted commas!) dogs, those who lunge/ bark at others whilst on the lead
  • Anxious dogs who struggle with everyday life
  • Barking dogs - who bark, bark, bark their way through life, driving everyone around them crazy!
  • Hyperactive, out of control dogs!

Posts in the Fisher Fix: FREE Dog Training Help & Advice FB group suggest this sort of tester course would be helpful in the short-term, and beneficial to those seeking help from me in the long-term too!

Perhaps you've tried so-called 'dog trainers' in the past and found it didn't help or even made things worse! You don't want to make another big investment, but you could do with better solutions to your current situation.

Or maybe you'd like a 1-2-1 or home visit with a trainer or behaviourist but can't afford it. But this shouldn't mean you should miss out on valuable information which will make a difference.

This DVD/ online course will be available when YOU need it most. The information will cover..
  • Why your dog's behaving so badly
  • How you reached this point so you can avoid getting there again
  • What you can do to help fix the problem
  • Where to find further help & advice should you need it

And the best bit? You can learn what you need with your dog in your lap on your sofa - no need to suffer an embarrassing group class experience, where all the other dogs are under control but yours!

Choose the option which suits you and your dog best in the pledges, and thank you for supporting this project and helping me help more people like you.