Building a Brighter Future at First Step Right

by GAGA UK in Cato Ridge

We did it
On 15th February 2017 we successfully raised £1,540 with 42 supporters in 21 days

To complete building work at a rural school in South Africa, helping improve the education and learning environment for over 170 children

by GAGA UK in Cato Ridge

New stretch target

We are now overfunding... all donations continue to make a huge difference...

We are thrilled to have reached our original £1,000 target; we now know we will receive all donations made and these will make a huge difference at First Step Right. 
Reaching our increased target will ensure we can finish off the pre-school building to a high standard, ensuring the water systems are completed, and internal and external paint work finished. We can't wait to see what it looks like! 

This project is costing over£13,000. We've raised a lot through this Crowdfunding, plus events and GAGA supporter fundraising, but we're not quite there; we're still short of having raised enough funds to complete everything. If we reach £1800 we will have fully covered the costs of the build. Anything we raise over that amount will contribute to the running costs of First Step Right School. 

Thanks for your support. You have been amazing! Please keep sharing and let's build a brighter future together, at First Step Right School. 

 ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’...

Will you donate to help us make a change?

Your donation will contribute to helping children in rural South Africa get a better start in life, giving them an education and opportunities they otherwise may not have.  

First Step Right, a Lower Primary School is set in the heart of a rural valley, Kwa-Ximba in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. As such, the issues of poverty and HIV/AIDS persist, and the need for an education and a good start in life has never been as important as it is here. GAGA UK has provided funding towards running costs of the school for over 5 years, helping to provide education to hundreds of children. Now we want to help further.

Please help us raise £1,000* to pay for the final instalment of building works at First Step Right, South Africa. This Crowd funding campaign aims to raise the additional funds needed to complete renovation work, creating 3 new pre-school classrooms, plus toilets, at this rural school.

Education, particularly primary education, is something we often take for granted. Those things you learn without even realising: social skills, taking turns and sharing, listening, developing logic and problem solving, developing our imagination ... these are all crucial skills we learn through early education and play. We want to ensure that the pre-school children at First Step Right have these opportunities to learn, and that all the children at the school get a good quality education.

Refurbishment work is currently underway (see picture below) and will see a derelict and unused building on the school grounds (picture left), turned in to 3 new classrooms, plus a new toilet block. This will be used for the pre-school aged children at First Step Right, and will provide space for 50 children to be educated. 

This year, the school has over 170 children attending and the new classrooms will have so many benefits for the school as a whole, for all the children and staff: 

  • The pre-school children will have an inviting new learning area. This space is separate from the older children, and in the future, we also hope to create an outdoor play area, which can also be separated to ensure these children get a strong introduction to early education and can more easily become used to school life and routine. 
  • These new classrooms will create more space in the main school building for the primary school children, and the classrooms can be rearranged. There will also be the possibility, because of the additional space, to create an office, medical room and small library - spaces which the school currently doesn't have. 
  • We hope these new classrooms will also make the school more attractive to local businesses and government for further funding. In particular, we hope to make the school eligible for long-term government funding. 

 Last year, over 140 children were in the one school building, and conditions were cramped. Grades 4 and 5 were in a very small classroom, and grade 1 didn't have much space to move around. The two Reception classes were in adjoining rooms, without a door separating them, so the noise caused much disruption. With new classrooms, all this can change, and it will really help to improve the quality of education these children are receiving. 

Your donation will help us give these children a much improved educational environment.

*£1,000 will help significantly towards the total building costs of just over £13,000. Much of this total amount was raised in memory donations for a previous GAGA Trustee Richard Harrod, and also through events. We have a shortfall however, and need your help to ensure this building can be completed.

Thank you for your support. 

Please also take a moment to watch our video to get more of an insight in to First Step Right School. 

You can find out more about First Step Right, by visiting GAGA UK's website, click here.

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£5 Reward

That warm tingly feeling you get when you know you’ve made a big difference to the lives of others. Thank you!

£10 or more

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You are helping to make a huge difference and as a thank you we will send you a personalised certificate of appreciation from GAGA and First Step Right School

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Feels awesome, doesn’t it? As a thank you for your support we will send you a personalised certificate of appreciation, and x3 printed photos of the new classrooms (once they’re completed).

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Wow, you’re amazing. Thank you! We’ll be sending you a very special thank you card with a copy of an image drawn by one of the children at First Step Right School.

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Wow, you’re amazing. Thank you! We’ll be sending you a very special thank you card with a copy of an image drawn by one of the children at First Step Right School, as well as some printed photos of the new classrooms.

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You’re brilliant, and as a way of saying thank you we’d like to send you an email with a personalised video from some of the children at First Step Right school. Please ensure you leave your email address (or contact us on We'll also send you a very special thank you card with a copy of an image drawn by one of the children at First Step Right.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

Sleep well tonight, knowing you’ve helped make a huge difference to children in South Africa. As a thank you we’ll email a personalised video from some of the children at First Step Right School (please be sure to leave your contact details, or email; we'll also send you a special thank you card and beaded badge (or a teacher and child) as reminders of your kindness.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Your generosity will make such a difference to these children in South Africa, you’re wonderful! As a way to say thank you we’d like to email you a very special, personalised video, from some of the children at First Step Right School (please be sure to leave your contact details, or email us on We’ll also send you a special beaded badge (of a teacher and child), and a GAGA T-shirt, as reminders of your generosity.

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