First Quality Finance

First Quality Finance

Investment required for a specialist group of websites (FCA authorised) providing a broking service for a range of financial products.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Why the Project

With the residential and commercial lending market growing every year there are still only a few main online brokers offering across the board personal and commercial finance.

This still leaves a wide gap in the market for a new online broker that can provide a broking service for both personal and commercial loans and mortgages.


The First Quality Group

Our mission is to provide a quality broking service via three specilaist websites. We are fully authourised by the FCA (Financial Services Authority) and will be offering a broking service wide range of loans and mortgages to both individuals and companies.  Working with many of the leading UK lenders we aim to make the First Quality a household brand name with strategic online and offline marketing.  Incorporated into the First Quality group is aq specialist SEO and digital marketing team who will be making sure all three sites reach the top spot in Google.
Once all three sites are positioned within the first page of Google an average of 250,000 visitors month per site will be acheived. Revenue from each site is forecast to £500,000 per month.


The People Behind the Brand

The two main people behind the brand are Roland Hyde and Phil Roskams. Roland has been planning the First Quality Group for the last 4 years and has over 20 years finance experience. Roland recgonises that given the aggressive market growth there is room for main stream broker to cover both residential and commercial financial products.
Phil Roskams has been involved within internet marketing and SEO for over 15 years and is Director of Glow Serp Consulting a digital marketing agency.


The Story Behind First Quality Group

The initial idea for the First Quality Group came from the realisation that there was room within the market for a fresh brand to provide a professional broking service covering both residential and commercial customers requirements. Despite the regulations by the FCA there are still some brokers charging upfront fees. First Quality Group never charges any upfront fees to apply for a financial product.

Where Will the Money be Spent

As a dot com business the majority of the funds will be used to make sure all three sites reach the top of Google thus producing targetted organic visitors from buyer keywords. Along with this certain IT requirements need to be met such as dedicated servers and PC's. We also require extra office space for 3 extra staff to assist with packaging secured loans and mortgages.


Rewards for investors

We are asking for a Investment of £200,000 and will be giving 1% of the company for every £10,000 invested. 20% for the full £200,000. These shares will be retained after the investment has been repaid. There is a exit plan in place to sell the First Quality Group within 2 years for £50,000,000 

An investor that invests £10,000 will recieve 1% of the business this will be worth upon sale £500,000.