Placebo Patch Project

Placebo Patch Project

We know about the Placebo effect but can it work just as a placebo, claiming nothing more than a state of mind in the form of a patch?

We did it!

On 9th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

 We have all heard about a Placebo effect, right?.,We know this has great power when you convince someone else that it will have great benefit to them when in fact this is not to be the case, people have the power to effect change!


I want to conduct a experiment and turn into a working business that will hopefully help others as the main focus will be by starting with the truth in the form of six placebo patches but not giving a false claim as they will all be  clearly highlighted in the branding as placebo's  to see if this will work. We are all creatures of habbit and I believe changing these patches twice a day will help get our focus and routine of these placebo patches will work.. or not as the experiment may produce negative results but an open mind is all that is needed and will be labelled on the packaging.

Concept For example:

1) Feel Happy Placebo

2) Feel Gratitude Placebo

3) Feel Healthy Placebo

4) Feel Abundance Placebo

5) Feel Love Placebo

6) Feel Confident Placebo


I will produce some concept designs to see what you all think of them and welcome any additional good feelings which could be incorparated in the design stages for your approval, remember we have millions of thoughts every day we may as well make them good ones as these are 100 times more powerful than a negative ones.

 To raise funds for manufacting of the plecbo patches and a advertising campain to test the idea out and if this helps anyone then we are all on the right track to feeling good! :-)

Let me know your  good thoughts!

As thoughts become things


Thanks for stopping bye :-)






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