First in my family to enter postgraduate study

by Sam Henderson in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

First in my family to enter postgraduate study
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Secure my place to study a Postgraduate Degree.

by Sam Henderson in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Hey people! How are you? I hope today finds you happy, healthy and content.

My vision is to be the first in my family to complete postgraduate study. To be able to take up postgraduate study to further my career in nature conservation. To act for nature through study, habitat management and community engagement. I have a Bachelor degree in Zoology and years of dedicated volunteering experience for conservation NGOs and charities. I'm so close... one master's degree from the mythical full time job in nature conservation.

Right now, I have offers to study an MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity from two UK universities. I can see the path I need to take. I'm hard-working and capable but I’m stopped for financial have the power to change this!

Once I started adding up the expenses of an MSc program, I realised that I need some financial assistance. So I deferred my entry until Sept 2019 to give me time to raise funding. Every pound from crowdfunding, blogging, donations and charitable grants will be a great help! 

In order study I will likely need a £10,000 Postgraduate Loan from the UK government to pay my tuition fee. I will need a private loan and savings to rent accommodation and to get a job on the side cover living costs. I am willing to accept some of that is inevitable and willing to work hard to make it work. 

Most difficult is the first £2000 to secure my place on the course and start-up costs. You can make a positive difference. You can make it possible to study in the face of financial obstacle.

Further donations would lessen the amount of loan I would have to take out. You could reduce the number of hours at the side job that would distract from my studies. You can give me a step up to be the first in my family to get a postgraduate degree!

If you are able, a donation of any amount would help me out tremendously!

Your donation will help me fund:

+  A deposit to secure my place on the course

+  Renting Accommodation

+  Costs for study including textbooks, travel and field equipment

Through supporting my career you will be contributing directly to nature conservation!

To give a little back to you wonderful and generous people: 

+ I will make regular updates

+ I will provide donors a link to my wildlife and adventure blog

+ I will provide donors a link to my Instagram (more wildlife and adventures)

+ I will be very grateful and work extremely hard!

+ I will update at the end of the Master's to show the outcome of your generosity.

AND ! The person who gives the most will be invited to my graduation ceremony !

Comment, donate and share this with others! :)

A sincere thank you for reading all the way through and thank you for your generosity.

All the best,


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