First Holistic Yoga and Meditation Centre

First Holistic Yoga and Meditation Centre

I am passionate about transforming people's life through Yoga and Meditation.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Divyamyoga was born from the deep inner desire to teach more people about Yoga and Meditation, and to offer the opportunity to humans from all walks of life to learn how by living in the present moment with full awareness and compassion, helps you to live life fully.

Deepening my knowledge and gaining life transforming skills in India, under the close supervision of Masters and personally experiencing the healing benefits of yoga and meditation myself, I am now on a mission to get more and more people to apply Yoga and Meditation in to their day to day life, to learn to live in the present moment, in the Now.

Been born in Arad, Romania, I want to go back to my roots and help people transform their mind, body and soul through the healing of Yoga and Meditation.

I am passionate about creating a better world where we can all live in peace and compassion.

To be able to achive that I am in search of raising funds to implement my dream and vision in to a holistic space where I can share the wisdom I've gathered with children and adults from the community. Through my teaching I also want to include English lessons and various workshops to help single parents, support those who've lost loved ones, guide those sould that are going through serious health issues and nonetheless help those with mental ill-health.

With your help I can make a difference and you can make a difference in many people's life.

Your help and support is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Namaste!