First and Ten Beer Company

First and Ten Beer Company

To start a micro pub and brewery revolution in the heart of Derby brewing and serving a range of exotic beers with hidden tastes.

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*warning* FREE BEER!

Our aim is to start a brewing revolution and we need your help! At First and Ten Beer Co. we want to revolutionise the beer industry. We aim to take our home brewing experiments and scale them up to the professional level. Chocolate orange porters, chilli lager, vanilla stout and lime IPA are just a selection of our creations that offer a divergent tickle of the senses and a refreshing break from the norm. 

We realise we’re asking a lot and that’s why we want to reward you handsomely! How does free beer sound?!?! Well, that’s what we are offering! For every pound you invest we’ll give you three pounds worth of beer! We get the investment we need and you get to sample the fruits of our labour for (almost) free. Can’t say fairer than that. We’re aiming to raise £25000 that we’ll match with our own investment to get to £50000.

First and Ten Beer Co. are Adam, Jeremy and Greg. We’re all big beer fans and we’ve been experimenting with different recipes and ideas for the past six months. We gather every Sunday night and brew with one eye (normally both eyes) on the NFL - that’s where the name comes from. We've had some successes and some failures but we always have great fun and we’re passionate about flavours and always willing to push the boat out and try something new.

We really want our idea and company to be community-based. We want to take on a master brewer and apprentices - making sure we invest in the future and to continue the rebirth of British brewing - to take our beers worldwide and to help Derbyshire’s growing brewing reputation. 

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