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Firestar: All the Energy - None of the Bull

by Andrew Guise in 

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On 12th August 2016 we successfully raised £36,004 with 15 supporters in 117 days

We have developed an alternative to unhealthy sugar filled energy drinks like Red Bull to help people work smart, live smart and play smart.

by Andrew Guise in

FireStar, is the worlds most effective energy product,  designed to help reduce sugar consumed in energy drinks by 95%.  We aim to reduce sugar consumption by 30,000 tons per annum – that’s a mere 1 per cent of the total currently being consumed in energy drinks every year!

Energy drinks are a phenomenal commercial success.  20 years ago they were practically unknown and today we consume an estimated 40 billion cans or more a year.  Containing plenty of caffeine, they are pretty effective at keeping you awake, but it comes at a cost.  Most are filled with damaging amounts of sugar, 80g per serve, over 300 calories in some cases. That's more than 15 heaped teaspoons - can you imagine trying to eat that much sugar in one go ?  You probably couldn't.

Whilst not solely responsible, these drinks definitely contribute to the obesity and diabetic pandemics that our the scourge of our society, in much the same way that cholera and tuberculosis were before the advent of antibiotics. It sounds ridiculous but poor diets cost us millions in healthcare and years of our lives.

As we've seen with the advent of the sugar tax in the UK, and other countries - large corporates have no interest in making these drinks healthier.  The active components taste awful and they need the sugar to sell, and sell they do in billions. 

Red Bull, Monster, Coke and Pepsi, as Sir Richard well knows, will do anything to protect these markets - so please vote for us - and help us breakdown their dominance, replace their cans of misery with FireStar and help people do more with less.

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FireStar® is a revolutionary energy sweet designed to replace Red Bull and other energy drinks/shots. It’s better tasting, stronger, healthier, better value and easier to carry than most energy drinks and shots. Firestar is branded to appeal across all demographics and can be used for any activity. Market tests show it outperforming many known confectionery brands. The market for energy drinks is $60bn, of which Firestar needs only a small share to succeed.

FireStar’s sweet tasting crystals are poured directly onto the tongue, and then eaten, a bit like sherbet and space dust sweets. FireStar comes in three flavours, Mint, Cherry, and Cola and two strengths, Max and Shotz, the first equivalent to a 500ml can of energy drink, and Shotz equivalent to a standard can.

FireStar has been designed to be the first truly effective ultra portable single serve energy sweet, and fits inside a wallet, purse or pocket so that it can be eaten at anytime, no matter what it is you are doing. It is low in calories and can be used for work, driving, sports, studying etc.

FireStar uses drug delivery technology to release the caffeine over 4 hours, making it most efficacious energy product on the market that we are aware of. The technology is solid based and therefore drinks brands cannot make use of it to compete. The technology also hides the flavour of caffeine meaning it tastes great.


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