Firekeeping: Bringing the Fire Home to Scotland*

by Sylvia Anna Law Conte in Kirknewton, Scotland, United Kingdom

Firekeeping: Bringing the Fire Home to Scotland*
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I am raising funds to support my traineeship as a Firekeeper. This involves serving my community by hosting monthly Community Fires.

by Sylvia Anna Law Conte in Kirknewton, Scotland, United Kingdom

I have been attending Sacred Fire Community fires since 2017. They are a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate our transitions and life cycles, creating a space to build community in our local vicinity’s by welcoming people from all different ages and  backgrounds. The Fire, is an elemental force which has lived beside our human existence, since the beginnings of time, and has creates warmth, shelter and protection. As en elemental force, the Fire provides a supportive role that guides us through challenging times and life transitions, reminding us that it is from a place of heart where we can truly grow and build together. 

These Community fires take place alongside the Sacred Fire Community, which has hamlets & hearths all over the World, including: Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Ireland, England & Wales. These events invite communities to gather around the Fire every month and create a space to share our stories, challenges, and gifts, as way to support us on our life journey. 

Here is a video about a Sacred Fire Community event in Australia:

There were none taking place in Scotland at the time, so I felt both compelled and inspired to bring the Fire's here- to my homeland and to share this wonderful presence for building long-lasting community. This has been a lengthy process and involved applying to a committee and receiving a mentor to guide me through this process. 

Community Fire*

I applied to become a Firekeeper last summer- which is a life long commitment and will involve hosting Community Fires every month way into the future- in fact for the rest of my life! I was accepted to hold this space, and afterwards was provided a sponsor who will travel to Scotland. Her name is Anne- she is a lovely lady and comes from Brighton. She has hosted her own Community Fires for over 13 years and holds a space for her community. The funds that are reached here will go towards helping Anne travel to Scotland and to support the ongoing training process of Firekeeping, which will be hopefully be completed by the end of this year. 

I am very thankful for all your support :) 



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