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A short film set in the high adrenaline world of stock car racing. - HELP FUND US - REACH OUR £6k GOAL - BE REWARDED -

We did it!

On 17th May 2016 we successfully raised £6,080 of £6,000 target with 45 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

We're overwhelmed that we have reached this far and are conituing to find support. Through this extra money, we will be able to put in place a more extensive fetsival plan that will mean the film will be screened more and seen more.  We will also use what ever's left to begin development of the feature film version of this script.  We feel we can tell a more expansive story based on this short and we will use this money to help begin that process.

"There are two types of driver. Those who want to race. And those who want to wreck."


Firecracker is an atmospheric drama set in the high adrenaline world of stock car racing. A sport in which contact with other drivers is encouraged. The name of the game is to destroy as many of the other racers as possible, whilst maintaining your ability to finish the race in as fast a time as possible

We're extremely excited and proud to have had the short film script accepted by Film London and developed as part of their prestigious London Calling Scheme. They have given us £4000 to help get this film off the ground and start shooting in Spring. It's been a great start but the film is extremely ambitious and we need a little more help to get this off the ground and realise our ambitions. That's where you come in...this won't be possible without you.


Charlie, (18) is looking to maintain his reputation as the greatest racer in the area. A relationship with his rival's (Arthur) girl has intensified the sense of competition, but Charlie is intent on proving himself unshakeable at the next race.

Deep in debt, his father needs him to lose and is intent on convincing his son to do so, so as to rig the race in his favour and profit.

Firecracker is story of pride and family ties. The unity that is expected from family and the conflict created when one boy wants to be defined by his own terms and achievements

The Challenge

To create a sense of authenticity, we'll be shooting our race sequences in amongst a live stock car race. These events are highly charged and we want to take advantage of the atmosphere. These sequences are much of where the money will go. We need to source a car that can essentially be destroyed in a race. In order to make the film as exciting as possible, we need to hire certain camera rigs that allow us to attach cameras to various points on the car so as to ensure we got the most exciting film possible.

Away from the track setting, the film will take place in East London. Taking advantage of industrial landscapes, working men's clubs and high rise flats.

It's a script that tries to find beauty and softness in a dangerous and aggressive world. A world that is highly cinematic and we want to make sure we can afford cameras and lenses that do this justice and allow this film to stand apart from others on the Film Festival circuit.

Our project is extremely ambitious and presents many challenges and we wont't be able to make it a reality and forward our careers without a sizeable and passionate team of film makers, friends and contributors. We need to grow that group and by contributing, not only do you invest in us as film makers but you become part of bigger team and earn a place on this exciting journey from page to screen. Please help us make this a reality.


We're extremely excited to be working with Casting Director  Kharmel Cochrane.  We've been a fan of her work on films such as The Witch, Lilting and numerous impressive commercials, so we're very excited that she'll be working with us in gathering some brilliant acting talent and interesting faces for us to be captivated by.

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