Please help replace all destroyed in house fire

by Joanne k in Halesowen, England, United Kingdom

Please help replace all destroyed in house fire


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To help fund getting our home back livable again and replace all our clothing, furnishings and everything else we've lost

by Joanne k in Halesowen, England, United Kingdom

Emotionally and physically drained extremely embarrassed and so ashamed to ask for help but desperately want our home back sooner rather than later but we simply have no savings it's going to take months or even years to get back what we had.  I realise were not the first to have a house fire and won't be the last but when it happens to you no-one really understands the damage, desruption and devestation it brings. We have faced the worst day of our lives by returning home from a quick visit to local shops to find our home in flames to the extreme were all walls down to brick and not able to salvage anything just left with nothing and severe fire damage. Then when we think matters couldn't get any worse, they do, we contacted our home insurancers and were told our insurance is invalid due to expiration just a few weeks prior to the fire leaving us with no alternative but to fund all major repairs and replace all furnishings, clothing and everything else lost ourselves. Never imagined this could ever happen to us I know were not the first and won't be the last  I suppose we should be grateful that we wasnt home and hurt when the fire struck although we could have tried to prevent it!! Like all familes we've worked so hard to improve our home over the years and never asked anyone for help to be honest I can't bare to think about how much weve lost. I fully appreciate this not your problem and don't expect miracles but any donations at all would be a hugely  appreciated any small generosity would be gratefully received we would be forever grateful. Thank you very much for also finding the time to read our ongoing  dialema and how badly were struggling with constant reminders each and every minute of the day

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