Buying our first home

by Vicky Lewis-bull in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Buying our first home


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we want to stop giving money to landlords and buy our own home

by Vicky Lewis-bull in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

As a young married couple who have been together for 13 years, Joe and myself have always lived in rented accommodation.

We met on the internet in 2005 I lived in Redditch and he Banbury. We then met in person, it was love at first sight and have been in a relationship ever since. We haven't had children yet as we feel we need a secure environment to bring them up in that only owning your own home can offer. We have rented various properties from private landlords from studio flats for £400 to 2 bedroom shared housing at £700 . We currently live in a shared property for £650 which we can just about afford. 

If we were to buy a property through getting a mortgage we would be better off as the payments monthly would be considerably less at £350 approx. a month, as well as owning the property in 30 years or so. 

This is not only our future but our children's future.

For Generations gone by, buying housing was more achievable because houses were cheaper and deposits were considerably less in correlation to wages

 If we were going to buy a £100,000 house we would require a £10,000 deposit. As two full-time NHS employees we live within our means, but after outgoings the remainder of our income is so miniscule it would take us decades to save the full deposit by which time lenders would decline to offer us a mortgage as they will deem us too old to be given a 30 year mortgage. 

So what we are asking of you lovely people is a helping hand to get together a £10,000 deposit to buy our first home. 

Let's make 'Buying our first home' happen