Fiorenza goes to King's College!! #Fio2Kings

Fiorenza goes to King's College!! #Fio2Kings

Funding for University entry fees of MSc International Marketing at King's College London + Charity donation

We did it!

On 14th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 49 days

Funding for University entry fees of MSc International Marketing at King's College London + Charity donation

Goal: £16,000 (£11,000 University fees + £5000 to be donated to charity)

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Hello everybody!

My name is Fiorenza and this year I will be attending King's College for a Master's degree in International Marketing.

You can imagine how excited I can feel right now as this is like a dream come true to me.. I mean, King's College!

But firstly, let me tell you a bit about me, the reasons for choosing a Master's degree and why it would help me fulfill my dreams:

My philosophy:

My dream is to make the world a better place for people. This desire constantly inspires me to find creative and innovative solutions that meet their needs and improve their lives, regardless of income, age or background. My two biggest passions are Music and Well-being and I do believe they are interrelated with each other - as Latin said: "mens sana in corpore sano" (healthy mind in a healthy body).

Why I am raising funds:

I need £11,000 to fund my Master's degree at the King's College in London (+£5,000 to be donated to charity).

Please see below my offer from King's:

This amount will allow me to further my education and fulfill my dream to open a start up which combines my 2 big passions of Music and Well-being.

Please, help me in my adventure :)

My dream:

My efforts as well as the knowledge gained during a master’s degree at King's would eventually allow me to put my creativity at work for my own project, which combines my passion for music and health & well-being: the idea is to open a venue where music is not only some background noise but a whole experiential path.

The concept is to allow people to access a place where they can distress, ease off from daily routines and engage in a whole Spa-inspired well-being path, whilst listening to live music like in a concert venue.

What I will gain from this opportunity:

  • Knowledge to start my business venture
  • Independence, ownership and creativity: I will be able to put my ideas at work and fulfill my dreams!
  • An opportunity to share my passions with my future customers and delight them with a  whole body & mind experience.

What I will give in return:

£5,000 out of the total amount raised will be donated to charity. This because I believe in giving back to the community:

I am extremely grateful for the milestones and achievements obtained so far and I find fair to share my good luck with people less fortunate than me. Hopefully, this little effort will count towards making somebody's life better and a bit more comfortable.

My professional and academic experience:

  • I am Italian girl who landed in the UK in 2015 to study as an undergraduate Management student at the University of Manchester. Studying in the UK for me meants independence from my parents, constant challenges (in terms of culture and language barrier) but also opportunities!

Video: Look as I fail throwing my Graduation hat in the air!

  • After my graduation, I have been working for Müller UK & Ireland as a Junior Brand Manager (developing those delicious yogurts you eat everyday in your household e.g. Müller Corner and Müller Kids Corner).  As part of the Marketing agenda for my brand, I developed partnerships with Disney, Sony, Rohald Dahl and Hasbro for the creation of on-pack promotions and competitions for our yogurts.

Müller & Hasbro on-pack promotion

Müller & Hasbro on-pack promotion

My first product development in collaboration with Team GB

  • My latest professional experience was at Amazon, where I could finally be a leader of 160 associates in my role of Area Manager in one of the biggest Fulfillment Centres in the UK (BHX1 Birmingham).  My greatest focus? Always the customer, we want to give him nothing less than what we would expect ourselves from a high-standard retailer: exceptional quality, fast delivery and broad choice of products.

In conclusion

Please help me fulfil my dreams, benefit the customer and contribute to charity with your donation!

Every donation will receive a special thank-you letter from me, every effort counts and is much appreciated :)

All the best,


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