FINNSARMY FUN Waiting Rooms at RCH Treliske

by Finnsarmy in Truro, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th June 2018 we successfully raised £3,195 with 89 supporters in 28 days

To TRANSFORM the kids waiting areas at RCH Treliske, to make waiting happier, easier and more FUN for poorly kids and their parents

by Finnsarmy in Truro, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Our stretch target is our wish for the kids stuck on hospital wards and undergoing treatment at Treliske hospital.

We wish to purchase a Virtual Reality (VR) set up that can be secured to a trolley to take to the bedside of poorly children.

Imagine not being able to leave your bed for days maybe weeks, then imagine that for a while you get to travel the wold and other worlds with the power of VR, to swim to fly to escape the boredom of your hospital bed.

Giving kids a huge psychological boost and and escape from boredom and frustration.  Research projects have also identified that kids can cope with higher levels of painful procedures whilst using VR.

A BIG wish, a Great wish x x x x

Peace out!

Cornish kids deserve the best. 

Having spent a lot of time in kids waiting rooms with our awesome warrior Finn we know how important it is that kids are kept happy.  Finn was diagnosed with a massive brain tumour in 2013 when he was just a happy and healthy five year old, apart from some strange headaches.  On the 12th of December Finns MRI scan started our a760fbb57420126d22f7fd0087c2d34dcd329bc7journey and FINNSARMY was born.67ea037ead98256edd81a275908acb94da3290d2

Happier kids mean happier parents, sadly many of the waiting rooms in hospitals in Cornwall are underfunded and lack facilities.

Having installed Ipad mini libraries in hospitals throughout Cornwall we felt this is something more that we could do, create spaces where kids and their parents want to be at a difficult time.  We are currently overhauling our first waiting room at Camborne Redruth (Barncoose) hospital and are so excited by the work so far.  We want to continue our work at Treliske and have been welcomed with open arms to help them make a change, a change they simply cannot afford to do.

We will  install retro games tables (multiple games), TV and dvd players, interactive fun wall mountable games and fun fairground style mirrors. We will make sure there is super funky, Super comfy seating and where necessary repaint the space.

Our current  Project is very close to being completed, all the funding is in place and work is underway thanks to our very generous business sponsors who will be having their names and logos linked to the first FINNSARMY FUN ROOM  for years to come .c84210e6b35232022b5cdf590ff87c9c83c31b36c7980abf7f5bd51f43ad5275f1e7373ef48069ab


Finnsarmy needs your help, the kids need your help.  Finnsarmy is run entirely by volunteers, they give up their time freely and don’t even ask for expenses.  

FroalaEvery penny you kindly give is guaranteed to go straight to help the kids of Cornwall.


Our NHS is struggling, we need to make it better for our kids.

Cornwall have done us and the kids of Cornwall so proud.  Dig deep and help us change some more of our lovely KERNOW for the better.  

FINNSARMY PROJECTS  in Cornwall’s hospitals 

After our first fundraiser back in 2014 our big charity auction night hosted by the KERNOW KING , we raised enough CASH to purchase and install FINNSARMY first iPad mini lending library on one of the children’s wards at treliske, with 10 iPad minis and secure charging cabint.   It was all such a success that it quickly snowballed  into almost 40 iPad minis spread across CORNWALL in various hospitals and with medical community outreach teams.   This expansion was again funded by great generosity of cash and time in organising FINNSARMY BIG FUN DAY  at Redruth rugby club and FINNSARMY COMEDY NIGHT at heartlands.  

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 These iPads are doing great things every day from distracting kids from essential but horrible, painful procedures. To enabling kids in isolation wards to have Skype contact with family and friends and play online games with them.   The main aim of their use is to try and make the never ending boredom that  hospital stays often bring  a little more easy and fun.  

e9b515a7081b1b887a80e4c62327b0b141748018eb28cf123bb3c9c6423e0cdee229b369c9fadc65Just want to say a massive thank you to you guys! My little boy C fell out of his trampoline on Thurs so has been having surgery on his arm at RCH (a very nasty break at the elbow!). He's only 3 and has a speech delay so he has been very frightened and unsettled, but having the iPads on the ward has been a godsend. He's completely relaxed watching Peppa Pig and Mr Tumble to his heart's content. We're being discharged today but will be back again in 3 weeks to have the wiring in his arm removed. Thank you so much for making such a scary time a little bit easier for us all.



Hello there,
I just wanted to say a special thank you for the iPad that I have heard your charity so kindly donated to the children's ward here in Truro.
My little daughter is struggling with a chest infection and oxygen levels and it has been a god send to have this during her hospital stay.  Thank you so much xx T


Just wanted to thank Finnsarmy so very much for donating the ipads to the ward where my son has spent lots of time. He has used the ipad every day and made his stay far more bearable. Its wonderful what you do for kids and we are very grateful for all your efforts. Well done Finnsarmy fab work. Xxxx

After the ipads our attention turned to the lack of working TVs  across the children’s wards, with the help of Finnsarmy we soon had that problem sorted and delivered TV/DVD’s making sure every  room in both childrens wards had a TV to watch for FREE.179a15fa46a29f51d2435d43811c5785cd54fa5b5e8eb7a0cbf77379779e61374b62b0d31e6b6eeac6f1fc46b8428532cd1de5d5d720a13a57072dc9

Our supporters are the best!

From the very beginning of our journey stuck in hospital in Bristol over Christmas 2013,    we have had some unbelievable help and support from family and friends.   More surprising  was the support we had coming from directions we just never expected.   Businesses, normal people who never met us, even a few celebrities have pitched in their support for e8b9e8d571b579db44348783aa789d3bf17c6b7aFinnsarmy.
cd96fec4c966a1cab81668854e764836e19e25c06e09a20eae93cf3c31c31f960211bf427e0b6534CORNWALLS very own KERNOW KING has been a fantastic supporter of Finnsarmy from the very beginning.
96ea40eaea88eb87e6542eb35a62eff07c98d83eLouie Spence visiting Finn in hospital in Bristol.e9ca964fab106017781df3f8cd3e589f54d9193c                                                  fe8da50419f2570b467d77afcb460f3da3eb27e8  0cf1f7b471cf991bd9e2ebae7b35d9fa8e1d4dd6                    

People all over    CORNWALL either personally or part of a club or organisation, raise CASH for Finnsarmy all the time.  It always blows us away when we get contacted out of the blue from another big hearted stranger.



3975861fc10306d6434956e0bf1d470db37a9008Finnsarmy began in 2014 inspired by Finn who was then 5.  On the 12th December 2013 our lives were shattered when we got heard the words no parent should ever have to hear.  That our beautiful, cheeky, kind, funny son had a brain tumour and it was serious, serious enough that we were immediately on our way for him to have life-saving surgery at Frenchay hospital in Bristol. 

2ec097a4066dcf7468aeea43ca15e6e4225aa0b4 More shocking as the lil dude they were talking about was racing up and down the ward taking everyone’s vitals without a care in the world.  It just couldn’t be true.  ac5e5ddaf647aaf1bd7552efb3b2bd1ebefd3e46bebca92c1c18489c54455406bf3e69e448b2376f

It was and our new lives began that night.  Two days later Finn underwent surgery, it was very tricky and he nearly died on the table,  when we got him back he was on life support and we had no idea what was going to happen.845055782a720af0d75c42d3077c9888af0e41dc

Over the next few days Finn really struggled to stabilise, keeping the fantastic medical staff and mum and dad busy night and day.   Christmas came and went with Finn still very poorly and not wanting to engage in any way with Christmas, this was heartbreaking and one of the worst days. 

31152a1f39597d779be06aa48911f142e61cbe83HOWEVER from Boxing Day thing really started turning around, he had the last of his tubes taken out and he was free, and ready for a bit of Christmas.  He was out of the woods and just left to recover from the effects of the  operation to remove the tumour.   These were extensive, he couldn’t talk,focus his eyes, sit up, walk or eat.  Finns humour returned quickly though and carried him through the steps to recovery quickly.264abab1fa93831f79bc89bfb46a173fedbf4a84d271737e8b5b561c2988ae78e863fe49bcdead2d

On New Years Eve we headed home after a serious amount of organising care and rehab back in Cornwall, that ‘WELCOME TO CORNWALL’  sign never looked so good.    


Once  Finn was home his progress was obvious daily, he went from wheel chair to wobbling all over the place on his own two feet  in a matter of weeks And continued until he actually competed in his school sports day that year, fell in the sprint but got back up and finished.


Finn will have regular brain scans for the rest of his life to check everything is ok.   In early January 2015 we had scan results we dreaded, Finns tumour was growing back and this time it was way too dangerous to operate.  We left telling Finn until we had a plan of action, the day we told him, as ever he took the news in his stride, confident the doctors would  sort him out. 

Treatments were scary, we turned down standard radiotherapy and chemotherapy after looking into possible side effects.  We were then offered proton beam therapy in  Florida USA, and gamma knife surgery.  After lots of talking between us and the medical professionals we decided on the gamma knife for lots of reasons but  mainly that it was less harmful to Finns developing brain and it was a one off one hour treatment and home the same day.  The down side was Finn had to have a metal frame screwed to his skull, which would hold him perfectly still attached to the gamma knife machine.  The funding came through from government the morning of the procedure as it was not covered on the NHS.  Finn took it all in his stride as always, even having the screws taken out of his skull while awake and playing his iPad.                   Just to keep us on our toes finn also broke his leg just below the knee a short time before his treatment #YOLO he says. 


Every scan  since Finns  gamma knife treatment have shown shrinkage in his tumour, he’s also been lucky not to have bad side effects from his treatment. 

We don’t know what’s in Finn's future, what we do know is to live each day as it comes, for that day.   Today Finn is fit, healthy and well, and we can ask no more than that. 280635761e904310d1652265dbc8ca3f6c1d586cc9d2bac3b78f9eeaee253f12ec5e8e19986e092d



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Your business/name/logo added to our valued sponsors vinyl plaque collage to be displayed in waiting area at Treliske. Associating your business with a FINNSARMY project is a huge reputational bonus We will also provide Additional promotion via FINNSARMY Facebook page.

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Your business name/logo on an individual vinyl plaque displayed in the waiting area next to a new item of your choice, thanking you for your sponsorship Associating your business with a FINNSARMY project is a huge reputational bonus Additional promotion via FINNSARMY Facebook page.

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