Finn’s Nightwatch

by Rhi Hill in Bradville, England, United Kingdom

Finn’s Nightwatch
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My brother Finn has MS and has seizures. I’d like to raise money to buy him a NightWatch to detect any seizures he has whilst he sleeps.

by Rhi Hill in Bradville, England, United Kingdom

So, my brother Finn has Multiple Sclerosis. The doctors are describing it as being incredibly active, and he’s in the middle of a relapse. He is having nasty seizures and we currently don’t know whether it is because of his MS or whether he also has Epilepsy. We’re hoping for answers soon.

For the past few months Finn has been suffering from unexplained and undiagnosed seizures and it is terrifying for my entire family. He has also had a spell in a secure unit suffering from psychosis. None of us are sleeping well because we’re listening for the bang of him falling or the shaking against the wall. The last seizure he had at home I myself was being prepped by the lady on the other end of the 999 call to deliver him CPR because his breathing was so laboured and we feared he’d stop breathing all together. He had multiple more seizures in hospital that night. 

Finn is home for now, but that’s half the battle. We’re now trying to work out how to care for him and keep him as safe as we can whilst still allowing him to retain the independence a 22 year old man needs. His life has been turned upside down and he doesn’t need family members constantly asking how he’s feeling or checking on him in his sleep. This is where the NightWatch comes in. From research it is the best epilepsy alert bracelet out there. It will give us peace of mind at night time, and allow us to get enough sleep to deal with all the other heartbreaking problems and difficulties my family is facing. Frustratingly, it is expensive. £1,400 to be exact. This is why we’re asking for help.

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