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Aim is to get enough collective support to get the application going for British citizenship

by Milja Matilda in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

I want to get future to be bit more optimistic by getting support to finally apply for the citizenship. I want to have more open doors for me and leave the fears behind.

As it is large chunk of money, nearly £2k including travels and time off work, I've been driving myself nuts trying to start it  but can't seem to get myself around to actually doing it. Hence this crowfunding during birthday month. 35 years on 18th of january. Rather than any presents, cards or parties, I'd like to ask your support to get this citizenship project going. If friends assist financially, even by a little bit, i have no choice but to get it sorted! Some may say permanent residency is enough but none of us really know what is to happen. It has at times been incredibly hard, depressing and sad to be EU citizen in the UK during past 3 years so I rather pursuit peace of mind to cover all potential future options. I would be horrible planner if I didn't? :)

The costs related are citizenship (£1330), life in the UK test (£50) and language test (£200). There will also be additional cost related to recommendations, travels, time off work and documentation but these are harder to quantify.

I'm proud of my background, proud of being a Finn, Nordic and European. Luckily dual citizenships are allowed so British citizenship is only to keep doors open, not to erase my blue&white personality..

All going well, I'll start the application beginning of February so this crowd funding is for January only.

Thank you all for your kind words & hugs already, lots of love