Finish Line (Short Film)

To raise £2500 to go towards the production budget for our short film "Finish Line".

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £2,179 with 75 supporters in 35 days

One Light Talent Entertainment (OLTE) is a young non-profit production company based in West London, specialising in short films and creative content for various media platforms.  

“Finish Line” is a short film about two female sprinters, who are best friends, and from two different religious backgrounds. The story explores how they help each other balance their faith, and athletics career, as they both train towards the World Athletics Championships.  This short is a non-profit charitable concept for a feature length version of the film.

The film aims to educate people about the world of track and field, highlighting the hard work and dedication that young athletes must endure to achieve their goals. It also aims to inspire those who may be experiencing the same struggles of trying to balance their religion/faith along with a career in sports; reassuring them that they are not alone, to stick to their morals and to keep working hard.

We are very passionate about this film, because it carries such a strong message. Connecting with some current political issues such as; brexit, racial stigma, discrimination, learning dificulties, feminism, "Doping" within the sport and the world championships, which is being held in London this year. What better time to highlight these issues through British film!

We have collaborated with the following companies, groups and artists for this film including the following:

Meet the team:

  • Kyran Mitchell-Nanton – Director, Producer & Co-Writer

Kyran is an Actor, co-founder and in house producer of performance arts group ‘One Light Talent Entertainment’ (OLTE). He is also the Founder of acting and performing arts community “ActorsGymUK” @ActorsGymUK. He has created and produced a various amount of projects along the years which include: KARMA - Theatre play Lyric Hammersmith (2011), KA STORIES –YouTube Series (2013), LEVEL UP – Latimer Group (2014), SHAKE IT UP SHAKESPEARE – YouTube Series (2015), FERAL YOUTH: ASHLEY SPEAKS – Video Promo for book novel ‘Feral Youth’ by author Polly Courtney (2016). Kyran also stars in ‘Finish Line’.

Full credits and work: @Kloud9Reacher


  • Basheba Baptiste Assistant Producer 
    Basheba is heavily involved in multiple projects and shows run through the Lyric Hammersmith, as an alumni and producing open mic’s at the theatre. She has just finished her time at Identity School of Acting and currently attends Roehampton University for Drama studies. Basheba also stars in ‘Finish Line’


  • Marcus SharifCo- writer

Marcus Sharif is an Actor & Writer and co-founder of production company: 'The Lemonade Stand'. Recent work includes his short film, TROUBLE (2016) which he wrote, and produced. Currently working on his next film, MOMENTS (2017). As of more recently he has been working as a Visual Concept Artist on Music Videos with UK based Videographers Joshua Mornix or ‘Mornix’, & Sean ‘Maverick’ Julien-Wilson, for companies & artists such as Whitehall Music, Casscade & Aj Tracey.

View his work: @StandDeLemonade 

 We aim to shoot the film in April 2017. The actors have been training for four months, with our specialised sprint coach Matthew Thomas  and fitness group Aesth.Elite @Aesth.Elite. They have been learning the techniques and fundamentals of sprinting, putting in a lot of hard work on research and developing their bodies to look and run like professional sprinters. This way they can give a realistic and technically correct performance.

Meet the cast:

  • Maia Watkins

    Character: Hysinth Buellet - Hysinth is making a name for herself as Britain’s first female, Muslim pro-sprinter who wears a Hijab specialised in the 60 – 100metres. She is best friends with Tehona and is currently struggling with some of the issues that comes with wearing a Hijab, pleasing her parents and running professionally.

Recent credits: A FOOL$ GAME (2017), THE EDUCATOROR – Channel 4 (2017), THE DEAD SEA – Short (2016), MARLEYS GHOSTS – ITV (2016), IN THE ROBOT SKIES – Channel 4 (2016),


  • Dani Moseley

    Teohna Thomas - A 200metre athlete who is a Christian Seventh Day Adventist.  Tehona is best friends with Hysith, and is struggling to juggle her faith and her athletic career, as many people keep telling her that she cannot do both.

Recent credits: THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO ISLINGTON (2017), DOCTORS - BBC 2016, BROTHERS WITH NO GAME - London Live (2014), WHICH IS WITCH – Be-Films (2013), EASTENDERS – BBC (2012


  • Gamba Cole:

    Character: Michael – The joker of the team, and has a soft spot for Hysinth.

Recent Credits: GUERILLA - Sky Atlantic 2017, DAMIOLA OUR LOVED BOY - BBC 2016, SMOKES & ROSES – DMND CLR (2016) ANTIGONE – Theatre Royal Stratford East (2015), KINGSTON 14 – Theatre Royal Stratford East (2014)


  • Kyran Mitchell Nanton

    Character: Tristan - A cocky and sly athlete who is also part of the training group. Feels he is NO.1 and isn’t afraid to flaunt.

Recent Credits: PEPSI LOCKER ROOM – Commercial (2017), THE UNDIAGNOSED – YouTube series (2017), JAS – Short (2017), DOCTORS – BBC (2016), DIVIDED - Short (2016), SMOKES & ROSES – Short (2016), MORAL CONFLICT – YouTube Series (2015)


  • Mark Perrett

    Character: Stefan - Stefan is the smart one of the group, whilst he joins in with the fun, no one really makes fun of him as there is no point

Recent Credits: BLEEDING INC- The MET Film School (2016), SMOKES AND ROSES – DMND CLR (2016), DON JUAN COMES BACK FROM THE WAR – Forth Monkey (2016)


  • Basheba Baptiste

    Character: Paris Dixon - A rival of Tehona’s, and training partners with Naomi Bemma. A serious and powerful athlete who is quite intimidating.

Recent Credits: CTRL ALT DELETE - Lyric Hammersmith (2016), ECLIPSE - Lyric Hammersmith (2016)


  • Georgia Cantwell:

    Character: Naomi Bemma – Rival of Hysinth. Trains with Paris Dixon. Has a slightly ignorant mind to other walks of life

Recent credits: THOUGHTS ALONE – Short (2016)


  • Kate Walsh:

    Character: Coach Kim - The coach is a parental figure for the athletes. Although she is strict she is also fair and understanding, she takes time to understand each individual and wants nothing but the best for each athlete pushing them to go far.

Recent credits: THROUGH HIS EYES – Short (2016), THE GREEN WITCH – Voice Over (2016)

Short films are mostly independently funded and in the industry today, funding for short films is hard to come by. Which is why we need your help and in return would like to invite you to be part of this filmmaking journey with us...

We need to raise £2500 in 5 weeks. By shooting in April we ensure that the film is ready for summer release to coincide with the UK athletics competitions, which will hopefully help to boost the film's exposure.

The money we raise will go towards the following:

  • Location fee to film at an Athletics Track 
  • Camera equipment hire
  • Hair & Make Up 
  • Transport and catering
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Production and costume design (includes correct and safe training gear and costume for actors)
  • Post Production editing, grading and sound mix
  • Publicity, stills photography, school and youth club touring and film festival entries and showcase.

In return for your enthusiasm and support we are offering some great incentives and rewards. Have a look at them in our "Donations and Rewards" section...

If 100 people sponsor this film then its only £35 donation per person.

But if 200 people support us then it brings it down to just a £23 donation per person. 

However! If we can get a whopping 300 people supporting this then that would make it only £11.50 per person (just over a tenner). 

We leave you with this question: How awesome would it be if we had a UK leading 100meter sprinter, who was a Muslim and proudly wore her hijab, whilst running to stick by her faith, regardless of any stigma or doubts? 
By making this film we hope to inspire people of all races and religions that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Run with us on this journey and we will see you all at the FINISH LINE!

With many blessings

Finish Line Team

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