Fingers crossed for Sasha

Fingers crossed for Sasha

To help save the life of Sasha Williams a young mother of two

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

On Tuesday 23rd August Sasha got the devastating news that her transplant has failed and that she has relapsed! That means her dreaded leukaemia (blood cancer) has returned and she will be starting chemo again next week.

Sasha has also been put forward for clinical trials called B7.1/IL-2 immune gene therapy to try and regrow her donated bone marrow to try and make it strong again to fight the cancer cells it so willingly allowed back.... For this process to happen Sasha will undergo a few courses of chemo to try and kill off the news cancer cells so that this procedure can go ahead... if she is chosen!

Without working fighting bone marrow the chances of a full recover are slim! There are 2 types of chemo Sasha has left to use so we are hoping the next lot she has is compatible and does its job instead of running out all of her options.

Should this all fail the next option would be to have another transplant... This would normally happen if required. However, due to recent cut backs the NHS have so kindly decided they will not do another transplant for bone marrow and stem cell treatment - to save money... This means that without funding this won't be an option for Sasha..

Thank you

Sasha Williams a young mother of 2 and friend relapsed with her Leukemia in August this year, in July this year the Government made the decision that the NHS will no longer fund 2nd Stem Cell Transplants due to cut backs bearing in mind these cut backs will only save the NHS £600,000 over a 3 year period in the process of destroying families priceless lives. Sasha is awaiting the decision from NHS England as to whether they will fund her life saving second transplant or whether she will have to fund it herself this added pressure to find such an enormous amount of money on top of dealing with the fact that she has cancer again is so unfair, this decision not only affects Sasha but every person in the country that will need a 2nd transplant.
Sasha's friends and family have all been working hard fundraising to try and help ease the pressure but we have such a small amount of time to raise the cash, Sasha has been told that she has a 20% survival rate in the next 24 months if she does not have the second transplant. How is this fair? how can the Government play God with peoples lives?