Fine Art Upholstery

Fine Art Upholstery

Fine Art Upholstery - Creating heirlooms of the future. Save Master Upholstery from extinction. Invest in a dying artisan craft.

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On 18th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,255 with 8 supporters in 56 days


Fine Art Upholstery and Accessories


I originally trained as an Interior Architect and have designed unique and bespoke furniture and fixtures for many projects. What has struck me recently is the increased difficulty in getting quality workmanship mixed with creative ability to understand the design at development stage - particularly in upholstery, when limitations on fabric suitability and frame design is critical. Having, by defualt moved further and further into the corporate side of design and construction. I see my creative side slipping from my grasp. I want to correct that balance.

I have always loved furniture, I learnt restoration techniques from my father which I continue to do as a hobby. I decided I would re-train in the sadly dying art of Master Upholstery, so I could then create beautiful furniture myself, to my exacting high standards.

I am in stage two of three levels with the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers. I am being trained by 3rd generation Master Upholsterers. They provide all the upholstery for the Lanesborough Hotel, the Four Seasons just as an example and have over 100 years of experience between 3 of them. They are hard taskmasters.

Being naturally creative and hands on, my ability and quality of work is very high; even now it's better than high street stores.

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I also want to do something different, stir things up a bit. Think Ted Baker jazzy lining..

Tub Chair wrapped in 'January Trees II' original artwork by Angelique Hartigan

Footstool in January Trees II



The original painting - January Trees II by Angelique Hartigan


My partner is a professional artist I have the licence to re-print her artwork, which I have photogrphed at Hi Resolution. I manipulate it in Photoshop, perhaps make the colours more vivid or change the scale, then have it printed onto upholstery fabric. Her style of painting really suits upscaling as her work is built up in layers of drips and splashes. The fabric is light and colour fast, plus meets current fire regulations. I then upholster this fabric to the furniture. (As in the above image 'January Trees II' wrapped on a tub chair. The seat is in pistachio chenille). All the upholstery was done by me.

....I would like to be known for creating the unusual and unique in a world full of chainstores in every town.

We have a gallery in Maldon High Street called HART & HAMM if you would like to visit us and see items of art and upholstery. 


We have all at some point in our families, inherited items that get passed down and we treasure them. Well, that won't be offered to  our children, because nothing is built to last, especially furniture. So, create an heirloom. It will be treasured more than anything, especially if it has a story attached to it, like 'you' were part of making it possible.

My unique selling point (as well as putting art on furniture) is that every single item wrapped will be unique, there will never be two cut from the fabric in the same way, especially the reward items. Each piece also has a tag which says TAYLORHAMMOND one side and 'I'm unique' on the other, as it's identifier for the future.

Why do I need Funding - Support me in defying the banks

The banks will not lend to me to buy specialist equipment, as I do not have any trading history - I do not have a trading hisory as I've just sarted up! The catch 22 of a new business. 

I am looking for fundng from backers as working capital. I will be producing work for my funders at below high street price, whilst creating a trading history

I have some exciting ideas on furniture designs for the future and for supporters that are kind enough to fund me I will be collecting all the names and creating a graphic image from it. I would like to wrap a chair in this as my homage to the good in people. I also want to use it for cushion covers. I guess you will need to see it..I will design a mock up it if this funding gets a positive response. It would be great to think some will continue to follow me.

Hopefully some of you will relate to my situation. I really just want to get back to being creative and make wonderful things that make people happy, proud to own and keep in the family because its so well made.

PS - If you are reading this and you have any upholstery equipment you don't need - I would gartefully accept any help. below is a list of items I still have to buy, plus what the funding will be used for.

Overlocker | Walking foot sewing machine | Wood Clamps/Jigs | Router | Foam Cutter | Big Van!

Develop my website more, its very basic at the moment - set up an online shop


Thankyou for reading


Victorian Spoonback Chair - exam piece - Traditional steel sprung seat, natural coir stufffing, stitched with hog hair topping, calico and chenille face fabric, with decorative rope and double piping. The Mahogany frame was also restored by me.



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