Find Your Light Arts & Well-being Retreat

by Find Your Light Arts & Wellbeing Retreat in Shoreham, England, United Kingdom

Find Your Light Arts & Well-being Retreat


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Raising funds to reduce attendance fees for a not-for-profit arts & wellbeing retreat for creative people

by Find Your Light Arts & Wellbeing Retreat in Shoreham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

£500 will allow us to subsidise the food and activity costs for the four days. However, if we manage to raise the full £1000, it will cover all of our food and drinks costs, plus we will be able to pay our visiting practitioners fairly. In turn, this means we will reduce the attendance fee even further and make the retreat as accessible as possible to those in financial need.


Started by twin sisters Natalie and Kyla Stroud, 'Find Your Light' is a not-for-profit arts & wellbeing retreat for creative people, giving them a chance to reconnect with themselves, their creativity and others. Particularly those who have been negatively impacted by Covid-19,


We will be providing all of the ingredients to get creative juices flowing again without any expectation, pressure or judgement. With the creative industries taking a huge hit during Covid-19, we want to focus back in on the beating heart of the arts; the passion, the expression and the connection. Through four days of artistic activity sessions, we hope to inspire those who need inspiring, support those who need supporting and challenge those who want to be challenged. Alongside this, we will be offering optional wellbeing activities in the morning and evenings, such as yoga, meditation, river swims and nature walks. Plus, plenty of optional chill time for those who need time alone to reflect or unwind. Each day will include a communal lunch and dinner, which will be prepared by small groups each day. We want to champion camaraderie, which means all attendees getting stuck in wherever they can; cooking, cleaning, you name it! 


Part of our reasoning for creating this retreat is the unfair reality that experiences like this are commonly only accessible to the wealthy, when it's those struggling who potentially need it most. With your help, we hope to raise enough money to cover the cost of food and wellness classes for the four days, allowing us to reduce the fee for all our attendees.

£25 - Will cover the food cost for one attendee for the retreat

£50 - Will cover a practitioners fee to run a yoga class 

£100 - Will cover two thirds of a full attendance fee 

£150 - Will cover the full cost for one attendee at the retreat

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