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Hey everyone. My name’s Katy. I’m also the girl behind

Over four years ago, I made a decision. I had just graduated, was bored, and fed up of not finding the clothes I wanted. So I started a blog. A modest fashion blog for the Christian girl who wanted to dress modestly, comfortably and alternatively. Since then, CounterCultural. CounterCouture. has morphed into a lifestyle blog about food, fashion and faith. 

The thing about a name like CounterCultural. CounterCouture. is that it’s a little specific. Fashion, style, and all things CounterCouture only make up around 25% of posts now. Alongside that, I share recipes, bible studies, testimonies, and interviews. I just can’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

My passion for modest, alternative styles, healthy, holistic food, and exploring the Bible hasn’t faded. But alongside that has grown a desire to educate and inspire Christian women who aren’t always sure where they fit in. Maybe you love to eat healthily but everyone else thinks your green smoothies are a little… peculiar? Or your lack of boundaries about female health and menstruation makes people… uncomfortable? Perhaps you are fed up being ashamed that your outfit was inspired by… superheroes? 

Not just another fashion blogger.

Just like you, I do things people find a little strange. Definitely addicted to green smoothies! And female health is one of my favourite topics to talk about. Take style inspo from Wonder Woman and Lois Lane? Well, of course! And believe me, that’s just the start of my weirdness.

The thing is, no one should be judged for their weirdness. In fact, we need to have room to let it inspire us daily.

That’s what Finding Chaya is all about. More than just a rebrand, is the continuation of what began. Launching in 2018, the new blog will continuing sharing the latest recipes, outfits, interviews, and bible studies. Alongside this, I’ll be talking more about the topics you won’t hear about in church. From what the Bible has to say on menstruation through to living holistically without being a hippie, Finding Chaya is for the strong women who want the full life Jesus promised us.


To launch a website, you need a new web design, logo design, online hosting, a domain, and so much more. In order to make Finding Chaya a reality, I need your help to launch it properly.

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