Finding a life after a false accusation

Finding a life after a false accusation

A project to help rebuild a life following the financially and emotionally crippling ordeal of a false accusation.

We did it!

On 14th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

26 months ago I was falsely accused of raping my girlfriend …


A truly life changing and devastating time for both me and my family that has left a lot of pain. We were happy together at the time and I felt like I had won the lottery as in each other’s company life was truly beautiful. We were living together at the time and were slowly building a life together as two young ambitious love birds until the cracks began to show. Eventually things started to change and the rose tinted bubble of happiness began to shrink and warp.

After a while I broke the relationship off and we went our separate ways, or so I thought.

A few days after our breakup I was contacted by my now ex-partner as she gloated and jeered at how she had been to the police and told them that I had supposedly raped her. A point she made later bringing the allegation into context when she admitted this had been done ‘to achieve a higher priority on the housing list’!

Eventually I will tell more of the story and in fact I have already begun to do so on my blog;

However, the effects of the trial are crippling me and I am finding it very hard to go on in life. I have been left with a staggering amount of debt from both her and the court legal fees which is having an extremely depressing effect on me given that it is a debt which bears a constant reminder of the horrors I endured. In addition to the financial issues the ordeal has rendered me incapable of social activities, trust, ambition, joy and love which is leaving me a reclusive shell of the man I once was.

My most recent blog post only touches the surface;

I am feeling a little emotionally and physically drained at the moment. My journey against the false accusations have taken their toll, I am fighting for normality and reason every day. Whilst fighting this battle I am still working full time to pay bills and it is crippling me thus I will be taking a day or two to collect my thoughts. I appreciate your support.


This is not the end of me I promise, I won't let her win. 


God bless


What I am here for is help and support, the funds I raise will be used in a three tier approach to my rehabilitation which is as follows;

  • Priority 1: Clear the debt so I can move on from this hellish ordeal.
  • Priority 2: Seek counselling and professional help to reintegrate myself into society.
  • Priority 3: Develop ‘That Narrow Door’ into a forum and fundraising platform to help others.

I hope from this that you can see my mountain and I also would like to appeal to you to help me reach the summit for I know in my heart I can overcome this.

I will leave you with one final thought;

For 2 years I waited for my trial, the trial lasted just 3 days and the jury came back with a not guilty verdict in under 60 minutes! This should never have gone to trial, I am truly innocent and I am paying the cost financially and emotionally for a trauma I should not have faced.

Please give kindly and I thank you from the very bottom of my broken heart.

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