Find My Secret Russian Princess, Olga!

Operation 'Send me to Russia to help me find my online Russian fiance' is GO!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 A few weeks ago, I received an email into my junk folder. 

It was from a Russian lady called Olga and she was after a man! Here is that email. 

I decided to reply to Olga, and over the last few weeks we have traded emails back and forth. She's sent me pictures, a little video and a voice message. She's fallen in love with me (obviously!) and she wants to come and visit me in my country - but alas, she wants money to pay for the trip.

I know... The cheek of it!

So, I thought I would go to Russia and hunt her down/surprise her! I am asking for funds to help do this. The costs are travel to Moscow, train journey to Vologda, accomodation in Vologda for me and a friend (I'm scared to go alone!). 

Last week, I decided to propose to her on her birthday. She said yes! 

This Crowdfund campaign is about LOVE and hopefully we'll be able to answer the questions:

1) Is it possible to find true love by flinging out emails to random people?

2) Do people in Russia call white russians simply 'white'?

3) What is Russian for 'I'm looking for Olga, my fiance. Do you know her'?

So, please help me fund my trip to Russia to hunt down my Russian fiance Olga and we can be together forever...

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