Find My I.T-helping small businesses work better

Find My I.T-helping small businesses work better

To design and build a website for Find My I.T. Several pages are required with a payment area for members

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


The aim of Find My I.T is to help small to medium sized businesses get the best deal for IT services. The UK is built on small businesses and many do not have a dedicated IT Manager to source IT services, software and hardware, meaning it is often due to luck whether they are getting the right advice, price or even product.

Find My I.T is a free to use website for these businesses, simply enter your requirement into the form and one of our member companies will contact you via the web platform. No endless ringing, saving time and letting you get on with more important things. The requirements will be matched with the right set of member companies, with the right skill sets and their price upon finding out the project requirements canĀ be submitted to the customer via our platform.

The members area is a paid service for IT companies to log in and view what projects they may want to get involved in. The challenge of finding 'new business' is always a tough one and this is a source of pre-qualified leads that can be quantified in an ROI to pitch the benefits of becoming a member. Whether it be a full sales force or just sales individuals, there is a pricing scheme for all.

I already have commitments from four IT companies that would sign up to this service, as they can see the value of a steady lead source.

Getting the format and layout of the website is vital and beyond my capabilities, which is why I am asking for funding to build the website that I would generate both the leads and member companies.

I hope this overview has made sense!