Financial support to a severely disabled child

by Godfrey Mandizvidza in 

Financial support to a severely disabled child
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise 5,000 GBP for a disabled child -Treatment - Special food - Special wheel chair - Transport - Hospital visits - Special hoist

by Godfrey Mandizvidza in

My name is Vincent. I was born on the 27/02/2011. I was one of triplets and unfortunately one of us didn't make it. Me and my brother Victor were diagnosed with cerebral palsy but mine was severe and I can't do anything for myself. I can't even lift my own head because my neck is very weak just like a newly born baby. So I need care 24/7 for everything. Even though my body seems to be growing in size, all my limbs remain in a newly born baby state. So it becames very difficult for my cares to move me around without special equipment.

Sometimes I get fits which make me panic and my whole body tenses up and become stiff and even my temperature goes up. I also get a lot of mucus in my chest mostly when I am sleeping and it would block my airways and nose to the extent that it becomes difficult to breath and when it gets really bad I end up being admitted into hospital for suctioning. I have also been diagnosed with hernia which can be very painful and makes me cry a lot.

I am therefore appealing from well wishers to donate some money and goods so I can live a near normal life, be able to access the community and  and also make it easier for those caring for me. 

I will need the following:

  • Special wheel chair
  • Special hoist
  • Special food
  • Special medication
  • Money for transport to and from hospital

I my currently staying and being looked after by my parents whom from time to time would need respite breaks as I am very demanding to meed all my needs.

Let's make 'Financial support to a severely disabled child' happen