Financial Support for India

by Kaveri Lal in Aigburth, England, United Kingdom

Financial Support for India
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I am to ensure that children and their parents do not starve due to Lockdown. Many families in India have fallen into a poverty trap.

by Kaveri Lal in Aigburth, England, United Kingdom

Yesterday i witnessed first hand  the awful povery levels in India that this lockdown has caused. A child was drinking milk from a carton at great speed. He was obviously starving. Then his mummy begged me to buy her family more milk. I was heartbroken. 

Many families in Varkala are suffering nowadays due to starvation caused by lockdown. Those families came to Varkala from Karnatica which is in a different part of India. They came to Varkala to work during the tourist season. 

 Due to complete lockdown they can not return to their home town. Within their home town they pay less rent as they live with extended family. Also food is cheaper for them in their home town so they dont struggle to eat and seek shelter off season. 

Lockdown has prevented these families from being in Karnatica yet they usually are in Karnatica at this time of year. Here in Varkala they must pay rent and they are needing food. But food in Varkala is set at tourist prices hence it is too expensive for them to buy off season.  Right now they do not have the income to sustain their cost of living as they have fallen into a lockdown poverty trap. 

The police give them one food parcel a day. The food in the parcel is very good but sadly it is not enough to feed a family with children three times a day. They are worried sick about their hungry children and the fact that they can not pay their rent. They are at crisis point and i want to help them. I would be ever so grateful for donations towards chappatti flour, rice, dhal, milk, cooking oil, vegetables and rent payments. It does not matter whether you donate a small or large amount of funds  towards this cause because every penny counts. Many thanks in advance for aiming to alleviate starvation and supporting shelter opportunities for families in need. 

Love namaste and blessings to you all 


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