Final stage of home construction

Final stage of home construction

So close to complete our dream 95 sqm house and going back to our homeland. We run out of money and chances to save anything extra.

We did it!

On 19th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

So close to complete our dream 95 sqm house !!

My wife and I spent 20 thousand pounds so far which is a great archivement and saving for a house construction

I'm not going to tell you how tough thing it is to be on immigration because I want all people to be optimistic and belive everything happens is for a reason and approch everything with smile :)

We wish to go back to our home country very soon and start our own garden design and landscaping company (both of us have been working in garden design/landscape industry for 5 years) but plans went wrong and we don't have a decent place to stay without finishing off my house

Simply we run out of money and need your help, its so close

Cost are just going to cover the cost of construction! so no fancy furniture, desiger wallpappers, bespoke wardrobes. Just construction. We will be happy to sleep on the carpet because it is going to be OUR house ! :) Great, thank you for everything, all the best :)

(why not with friends and family? I wouldn't be able to finish my house in next 12 years according to current wages, no chance for mortgage for self employed/freelance/artist )

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