FIMO Jewellery Artist in need of Clay to grow her small business!

To raise some funds to help boost my stock of FIMO clay (the raw material used to create my one off pieces of jewellery) so all colours are available to work with, giving limitless possibilties for colour combinations as the clay can also be blended. All colours would then be available for any custom ordered work, where sometimes I have to order the clay needed which not only delays orders but ends up costing more. Larger blocks would be bought and free postage would then also be available. Please see my available rewards if you are interested in pledging!

We did it!

On 7th Mar 2014 we successfully raised £445 of £300 target with 24 supporters in 28 days





Fimo for Supremily Jewellery


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'll try to keep it short and sweet Laughing

As an artist running a small business, and as a solo trader at markets, I find that in the colder and quieter months I am rather limited as to the work I am able to produce as my income is not at its best! As a creative soul, I find this rather uninspiring and a little frustrating at times. This is due to my limited stock of Fimo clay ~ the raw material used to sculpt each piece of my handmade jewellery.

I currently am able to buy small 57g blocks a few at a time, and 350g bars of black and white every month or so as I use these the most. I have often day dreamed over the last 4 years of having all available colours at my fingertips. This would mean I could blend any colour or shade imaginable, and custom orders could be completed straight away as the colours would be readily available. I find at the moment I'm having to order in small blocks of clay for custom orders which not only delays the making time for my awaiting customer but also increases my outgoings as larger 350g bars are better value for the amount of clay you get.

With larger quantities of clay and a full colour palette to work with, I would not only be able to produce more work but would be able to make larger beads and more intricate designs in any colour combination imaginable ~ what a dream! This will no doubt help my creative juices continue to flow, and my little business continue to grow! I would also love to try some new techniques ~ something I am unable to experiment with as my clay is so precious!

I have different rewards for different amounts pledged to help me reach my target of £300. If I reach my target, I will be able to order large bars of fimo clay in all the amazing colours available.

If I reach OVER my target, I will put the money towards an extra work surface for my work room, along with tools needed to go on to teach workshops later in the year. If I don't reach my target over 4 weeks, I can continue to day dream (I'm good at this!) and nothing will be lost!

Thank you for reading my project, and if you do decide to pledge ~ my heart felt thanks go out to you for helping me continue my little creative dream.

Best Wishes,

Emily ~ Supremily Jewellery



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