Filwood Boulevard

Help us achieve our vision of making Filwood Boulevard, an attractive, green & welcoming place for the whole community.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Who we are:  We are a group of local residents from Knowle West, who have come together to make a change in our community. Currently, Filwood Broadway is a space that is not as loved as it could be and together we want to change that. We are keen gardeners and are all passionate about making a difference in our community, we want to transform the space into Filwood Boulevard.

Vision: We want Filwood Boulevard to be an inspiring and welcoming place in the heart of our community that will encourage people to come together to get to know their neighbours and enable new friendships to blossom.

We have already started planting flowers and have arranged a day to paint the bollards to add some colour to the area. If you want to get involved with the day just get in touch, contact details are below.

We've got some exciting plans so far to make our dream become a reality, including:                          

  • Two showcase planters that will be designed and built by local people.
  • Twelve planters built by local people.
  • Plants, herbs, shrubs and flowers for all of the planters.
  • Comfortable and hardwearing seats.
  • Water access so we can make sure we can keep the new plants healthy.

The Difference: Once completed Filwood Boulevard will be a welcoming and beautiful environment where local people’s families and friends can meet to enjoy the beauty, relax and touch base with nature. Also it’ll be a wonderful place to host festivals and other outdoor celebrations.

With the support of our community and your donations we can do this.

We hope our group will start a ripple on a very big pond that will turn into a tsunami and enthuse others to follow. Once the Genie is out of the bottle who knows what we can do.

Cost:  The whole project will cost around £6,000.

Everyone who makes a donation will have their names displayed on our list of supporters on our Facebook page and we’d love to welcome you to Filwood Boulevard when we have completed our activities.

How to get involved: If you would like to get involved in this project in other ways, e.g. through offering help with building the planters or gardening, then please get in touch.