Filtration of NOX/PM pollution around busy roads

by Andrew Hobbs in Tadworth, England, United Kingdom

Filtration of NOX/PM pollution around busy roads
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Our products will enable those towns and cities across the UK with high inner town/city NOX/PM levels reduce them by 85-90% - right now

by Andrew Hobbs in Tadworth, England, United Kingdom

Since 2013 Better Indoors (previously Domestic Ventilation Sales Ltd) has been providing retrofit solutions to problems of poor indoor air quality at home such as condensation, mould, dust mites that trigger asthma, allergies, particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, radon, tobacco smoke, VOCs and ozone. We provide a complete end-to-end service to our customers from initial lead qualification and survey through to regulation compliant installation and after sales services for strategic ventilation and off the shelf products that manage air and environmental purification/sterilisation and monitoring. We service homeowners, landlords (social and private) and trade intermediaries and we enjoy many repeat relationships and have carefully built a reputation for quality and reliability. We have installed well over 2500 solutions since we started.

We have a unique insight into the UK indoor air quality and ventilation marketplace. My father founded a large manufacturer in the 1980s and presided over the invention of a product in the early 2000s that eventually won the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation for its ultra low power consumption, its green design credentials which reduced ongoing building maintenance costs.

The quality of indoor air used for ventilation is heavily dependent on the quality of the outdoor air in the vicinity of each home. As part of our indoor air quality discipline we have been following the development of air quality initiatives in the UK's towns and cities in recent years and have noted there is a general tacit acceptance that the only way outdoor air quality can be reduced and/or improved is by introducing new non polluting technologies such as electric cars and in the meantime changing habits - for example banning engine idling. Whilst this is understandable it also ignores perhaps a more pragmatic approach - to use air filtration technology to immediately and significantly reduce outdoor air pollution levels especially in the most polluted and most populated inner city areas. Considering the ultimate goal of all air quality initiatives is to improve the quality of the air for everybody such an approach makes real sense as it delivers immediate results now.

Better Indoors City Air Cleaners achieve exactly this. They immediately create large clean air zones in the areas around where they are located. They are immediately effective at reducing NO2, Ozone and PM10,2.5 and 1 levels by 85-90%. They offer immediate benefits to those population groups who spend much of their time in the most polluted areas of towns and cities - school children, residents, office workers etc. The technology also offers an indirect benefit to all the adjacent buildings which use the local air for ventilation. The technology is currently under test in the major German city and is TUV Rheinland approved and MCERTS certified.

We believe this approach offers local authorities a truly pragmatic ability to immediately reduce air pollution levels by significant proportions and improve outdoor air quality in major towns and cities whilst the long term solutions to pollution reduction are divised and implemented. This is important considering current indicative timescales for these objectives are not in the short term.

We will use the money raised in this campaign to acquire stock from the German manufacturer, to promote and perform Case Studies in major towns and cities across the UK and to market the solutions to inner city institutions such as schools, care homes and commercial and residential premises. 

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