films for autism

Project by Andrew John
films for autism

to make our 2nd of specially for autism film this one based on road trip to showcase usa to autism or people with special needs

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

the grand plan if we hit the target or better is to fly to usa in late 2017 and showcase the usa and make specialist film for people with learning Disability or autism once once filmed we would release the film and anyone who supports this funding will get the dvd 100% free once released around december 2017** (tbc at this time)

backround on our idea 

hello my name is mouse some of you may know me from live me others may know me in person i am trying to fund my latest project which is travel film about the usa for autism this is planned to be filmed around mid 2017 and we would be doing live broadcasts daily from usa while out there which can be watched on the grand plan is to visit various usa places and make a 20-30 min film at the end of the the trip which will be send out free of charge to anyone who backs this project (release date tbc) we will be posting updates here every 2 weeks however feel free to ask questions .. at any time 
also if we hit our target whatever is left over will be donated to charity

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